2014 Toyota Corolla Scores Poorly on New Crash Test


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's recently launched small overlap front crash test is one of the more stringent in the industry. A number of compact cars earned top scores of acceptable and good in the test, but the newly redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla wasn't originally tested. Today, IIHS released its results and the Corolla scored a rating of marginal in the crash test, one step up from poor, the lowest score.

From the report: "Structural performance was poor and the driver's space was seriously compromised by intruding structure. Measures from the dummy indicate that injuries to the left lower leg would be possible in a real-world crash of this severity. The dummy's head contacted the front airbag but rolled to the left as the steering wheel moved 4 inches to the right. That left the head vulnerable to contact with forward structures like the windshield pillar and dashboard. The side curtain airbag deployed and had sufficient forward coverage to protect the head from contact with forward side structure, such as the roof rail and interior door panel, and outside objects."

IIHS Tests 12 Compact Cars: Six Pass, Six Fail

While the photo (above) of the Corolla in the small overlap front crash test is jaw-dropping, the image of a top performer like the Honda Civic (below), which scored a good in the crash test, looks almost identical at first glance.


The test simulates a car hitting an object like a tree or light pole at 40 mph.

The 2014 Toyota Corolla does earn the top score of good in IIHS' other four crash tests and has been named a Top Safety Pick.

Compact cars that have earned a good rating in the small overlap front test and are designated Top Safety Pick Plus include:

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By David Thomas | October 3, 2013 | Comments (9)



It's pretty clear at first glance that the Corolla deformed significantly more than the Civic. The roof buckling is plain as day.


First look where the wheres are, Then the differance in the "A" pillar, Roof line, the door frame, and the Air bags. How can you say they look the same

Stefan Roffis

"that left the head vulnerable to the forward structures". Next line "the side air curtian deployed and had suffecent coverage". Which is it? One line says it't bad and the next said it's good. Well?


Is this Toyota footage from the late 1980's? Just kidding, but the Honda does look much better built. Toyota take note.


Too bad for Toyota. More Japanese junk on the roads, or killing you accelerating or stopping.

And all those years of development, and this is the best they can do.



Ummm... does the writer not see the same pictures as us? The driver compartment on the civic is unscathed with the A pillar in tact, whereas the corolla is almost completely caving in. Lol i think the writer should reevaluate the photographs...

wow.. whether the recall?


Seriously. A lot of cars did not do good in this test. Not even the BMW 3 series and VW Jetta. See the results for yourself. This Corolla got 5 start frontal and side. http://usnews.rankingsandrevie...

No car is 100% safe in a crash. Too many variables to consider. You're much safer in a 2014. If they did these tests on cars pre-2012, the results would be downright scary. The writer of this article is an complete idiot.

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