2014 Toyota Corolla Cars.com Review


Christmas is still two months off, but something about the 2014 Toyota Corolla had Cars.com reviewer Jennifer Geiger feeling awfully Grinchy — namely the NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! It's not the Whos down in Whoville to blame, but road noise, wind noise and engine noise, as well as accompanying rumbles and vibrations, all conspiring in a sensory assault. However, if you can hear yourself think long enough, you'll notice improvements in the compact sedan's cabin design, interior materials, fuel economy and exterior style. Read Geiger's review below.

2014 Toyota Corolla Review 



Don't want to write off a review based on something so trivial...
But as soon as I see the car being compared to some celebrities, it is an instant turn off to read the whole review.
Can't we use something more related to CARS to describe a redesign?

Mike S

Let 100 reviewers take a drive in a 2014 Corolla, and you'll get 100 dissimilar reviews. The 2014 Corolla's trunk is small? Ridiculous! I own an '09, and its trunk is freakin' huge! And road noise is high? Baloney! The only proper way to learn about a car is to ignore the reviews and spend some time it.


Did you drive with the windows and doors open? I drove a 2014 Corolla LE on Friday and the ride was very quiet - very well-hushed and smooth.

Didn't find any of the noise you claimed there was.


2014 corolla..3000 mi. They are replacing transmission...no more Toyotas for me


If you can handle a 6sp manual, this is probably the most reliable car on planet earth over 10+ years/200k miles!

No problematic direct injection, no problematic cvt. Low entry price, high mpg, low insurance and high re-sale=best value. Prius is only car with lower operating cost over say 150k miles.

I love the new style and I am happy they stuck with what has proved bulletproof under the hood.

Raymond Kocor, Jr.

I have 600 miles on a 2014 Corolla L and agree with the reviewer's comments regarding road noise in the cabin. Any section of road with irregularities causes a sublime bass drone from the rear wheels into the cabin. It's really annoying. The handling is uninspired, too. The 1.8 liter engine is peppy enough and offers really good fuel economy mated to the 6-speed manual. If I get 200k miles with no real problems I'll be happy. Reliability and value is the main reason I bought the car.

headlights and front bamper better. from the outside it looks more elegant. This is a car that I liked most besides

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