2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Cars.com Review


Cars.com reviewer David Thomas says Mitsubishi's midsize crossover always has been a competent but unappealing vehicle. A redesign makes the Outlander more affordable and more efficient for 2014, but it still doesn't have the goods to beat the competition. Check out the full review below.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Review



I'm shocked that Mitsubishi is still in business.


Agreed jyd. Other reviews I have seen sum up Outlander as a base hit when they really needed a home run. This car market moves faster every day and they just don't have the ability to keep up. A coworker asked about Mitsubishi and the point I made to them is they probably will be gone when you go to sell it.


Someone told me that 6 years ago when I bought a new 2007 Outlander. I must say it has been the best vehicle I have owned and have been very happy with it. For someone that is 6'3 and in the high 200's I still find the outlander has way more room inside then other SUV's of the same exterior size.


My parents have an '06 Galant with over 130,000 miles and they have never had any major problems. The biggest expense has probably been the hubcaps. Those things are always flying off when you least expect it!


I bought my 2014 outlander sport 2 months ago and on my way to work there was a brand new civic on the side of the road, brand new fusion put putting through the snow... I popped into 4 wheel auto and didn't slip once.


My wife bought her Mitsubishi Outlander in 2007. Current mileage is just over 200 000km. It has by far been the best car I've ever seen. No problems whatsoever. We'll be trading it in soon for a 2014 model.

Lise Garneau

We bought a RVR 2012! Bought it fast and never regretted it! But we found it a tad small for us! Plus the cloth seats, were not a great idea with our two little dogs?

Today we exchanged it for a 2014 Outlander! Higher model! OMG the staff in Sudbury Ontario! Truly awesome people! They treated us like royalty! The vehicle, I already know is a winner!

It's a top safety pick and KBB gave it an award for 5-year cost to own.


Really don't get most of the reviews I've read about the 2014 outlander. Bang for the buck, it's a great buy. My 4 cylinder SE model doesn't seem as sluggish as the reports say while commuting thru LA traffic. So far mpg's have been at what it's rated (unless I'm driving pedal to the metal). Definitely worth a look if your in the market.

Happy 2007 owner (ex :(

2007 outlander xlt was one of the best cars I've ever had. Closing in on 120k some guy pulls in front of the wife. Just bought a 2014. Hope it's half the car the 2007 was. We weren't even considering a new purchase because we loved that 2007 so much. If you have one keep it.

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