2014 Hyundai Sonata: What's Changed


Most significant changes: A face-lifted exterior joins a new touch-screen audio system and updated navigation system 

Price change: Base GLS models start $155 higher than 2013 versions

On sale: Now

Which you should buy, 2013 or 2014? 2014 for shoppers interested in SE or Limited, 2013 for GLS buyers

Hyundai's midsize sedan is already pretty competitive, and an updated for 2014 version should only make the Sonata more appealing. Along with a modest price increase, the 2014 Sonata gets revised exterior styling, more convenience features and a new touch-screen audio display unit; its powertrain carries over.

Outside, the sedan wears a more fluid looking grille, new 17- and 18-inch wheels, and optional high-intensity discharge headlights and LED taillights. Hyundai says the new 17- and 18-inch wheels have also been designed to reduce road noise. The SE version now also gets a standard body-colored spoiler.

The big news inside is an optional 8-inch navigation screen that uses the third-generation of Hyundai's multimedia system. For vehicles without it, a new 4.3-inch color audio touch-screen with rearview camera integration also joins the cabin. The system is optional on base GLS models but standard on SE and Limited trims. Also new this year, carbon fiber trim is now standard on SE versions and a real leather steering wheel is now standard on SEs and Limiteds.

Hyundai says more than 50 of the Sonata's systems are new or redesigned. Other new features include more sound deadening material added to the pillars across the lineup, an optional driver’s blind spot mirror on GLS models, a blind spot detection system optional on SEs and standard on Limiteds, and a ventilated driver's seat standard on Limiteds.

Sonata GLS, SE and Limited versions carry over and use last year's 2.4-liter four-cylinder and six-speed automatic transmission; Turbo and Hybrid models also return with their powertrains. Newly standard on the SE 2.0T is a sport-tuned exhaust system. All trims also get a standard Driver Selectable Steering Mode, similar to the Santa Fe’s system.

The 2014 Hyundai Sonata is on sale now with a base price of $22,145 for GLS models; Limited 2.0T versions top out at $29,445. Model-year 2013 versions started only $155 less at $21,990 (all prices include a $795 destination fee). Model-year 2014 versions of competitor Honda Accord start at $22,745 with a manual transmission. Another midsize contender, the 2014 Toyota Camry starts higher at $23,045 and includes a standard automatic transmission.

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By Jennifer Geiger | October 8, 2013 | Comments (15)



The press release says that HID headlights are standard on all trim levels, not optional.

Jennifer Geiger, News Editor at Cars.com

@MSS, Hyundai said the HID headlights are optional.


Keyword: ALL is what he means. It's only available on the Limited models. So it's misleading.


I wish they'd put a lot more sound insulation in the car as it's much to loud.

Derrick G

The press release I saw didn't say HIDs were standard, but simply they were a new feature for 2014. Farther down in the release it said they were an option.

Jonathan W. Fink

I've driven the Sonata several times. I don't particularly like it. I see cost cutting everywhere.

With respect to the interior: Gooseneck trunk hinges, large panel gaps, hard plastic interior bits, and lots of dash seems.

With respect to the exterior: It is pretty but has large panel gaps.

Driving and handling: The steering wheel is small and plasticky with leather except at 6 and 9 o'clock; the steering is devoid of feeling; and road noise permeates the cabin.

To me, it's a cut rate Camry. I actually prefer driving the Chevrolet Cruze Eco.


Jonathan W. Fink,

You noticed exactly same things that I did. Sonata in fact is Camry in the sense of how "well", I mean badly, it was put together. Just checked new Altima and Accord - it also getting there.


Looks beautiful. Will buy one in about a year when my old car finally dies, unless the Genesis sedan is out by then.


Don't see how the Sonata can be a "cut-rate Camry" when it has a more brittle ride and a chinzier interior.


Ok so ive been an Acura/Honda guy all my life..then about 4 years ago bought a new c350 benz..and i recently traded my benz in for a 2014 2.0 turbo limited..its no benz..but u cant really compare the two against each other..but i do love the car..has plenty of power and the fuel economy is great..and u cant beat the options..considering i paid 62k for my benz and got many more options in my sonata for 30k less..its a nice car for the money..Hyundai must be doin somethin right u see tons of them on the road..i beleive its a great company and im gonna stick with hyundai from here on out as long ad my sonata is good to me and im sure it will be


I own a 2011 Sonata.GREAT car.For 2014 they have made options what I think every car should have: blind spot mirror, rear camera,side detection system and other safety items. Even at that some options are not available on the base model.If it is a safety issue it should be available on EVERY trim


@fink. sir, methinks you do not know what you are talking about. i cross shopped the hyundai sonata, camry, accord, fusion, optima, and passat. basically every midsized family car on the market. Sonata is far and above the best. the honda has the absolute worst engine of the bunch. high revving whining pos. The camry has the most boring ride. the fusion has an awesome ride but the cheapest interior of the bunch, and the kia has a cheap-looking interior imho. If you want to talk hard plastic, why not zero in on the honda or ford. those were full of hard plastics and chinsy interiors.

The Sonata is far and away the best bet in my opinion. by the way, my other car is a benz, so i'm pretty picky when it comes to interior fit and finish.


I have a 2012 Sonata Limited. It is a great car with two exceptions. Head light projection is aimed wrong causing a horizontal line of shadow and visibility is difficult when making a sharp left turn due to side view mirror position. Panoramic squeaks a little bit when opened, otherwise a terrific car.

A poor woman's Mercedes without the addiction to the repair shop, yippee!!



Well I have a 2013 Sonata and of course I love my baby, they r great cars and with my big bro working with them is even better, but with the features that the 2014 has..... I think I want one!


I own a 2014 after riding about 5k I am very pleased with the car. Road noise is low and ride is stiff but I like it. Before purchase I considered and tested various brands like Mazda & Nissan and never considered to buy a Hyundai but again I am very impressed with this car. Hope to own it for many years. My previous sedan was a 1997 Accord and I put over 175k miles in it.

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