2014 Honda Odyssey Cars.com Review


Yeah, that's right: The top trim level of the 2014 Honda Odyssey has a built-in vacuum cleaner. While offering much more than this handy, if gimmicky, feature, it's that attention to family needs that defines this mother of all minivans. Cars.com reviewer David Thomas says seating, comfort and cargo are all as generous as one would expect — and often better — but the Odyssey also boasts plentiful power, precise handling and thoughtful "gadgets, cubbies and gizmos" for transporting one's brood with maximum practicality and minimum fuss. Read Thomas' review below.

2014 Honda Odyssey Review



That advertisement popping up when users click on the photos couldn't be more annoying.


Still the fugliest minivan on the road...


Scroll down beyond the ad and then click on a photo. The fullsize window should be clear of the ad and then you can toggle through the photos.


Last minivan with a timing belt, and with an engine that doesn't have variable valve timing.
Yes it has VTEC that doesn't change timing, it changes camshaft profiles.


Honestly, it doesn't matter how it works. My friend has constant 22 mpg avg - this is great for such big car


The Odyssey remains the standard bearer for the class. It is head and shoulders above the Chrysler garbage. It has been, and remains, the best looking minivan on the road and the combination of performance/fuel economy is a huge plus.


My daughter has an Odyssey and it has served her long and very well.

It even towed a fully-loaded 5X8 U-haul trailer from Brentwood, CA to El Paso, TX, and did so without incident.

Her Odyssey is getting long in the tooth with over 140K miles put on it in just over 5 years.

She had a great ownership experience with her Odyssey, so what's not to like?

She'll be trading it for a 2014 vehicle in January and I'm sure a brand new Odyssey is high on her list, especially in view of all the problems with the new 2014 Grand Cherokee.


Yes it matters how it works. You need to get 10+% better than the rest of the minivan competition so you can save for the timing belt service [close to $1,000 at a stealership]
Unfortunately the Odyssey only gets 5% or so better, so its cost of ownership is higher than other minivans.
Once people are aware of this fact the residual 'value' decreases.


I own a 2009 Odyssey and had it over 160K on it without any issues what so ever - just traded in for a 2014 love it...

it drives very quite and has better vision from the driver seat than the Siena


The VCM option of the Odyssey is horrible. Expected better from the Honda dealership in Avon, IN to be more honest about the van's performance. I guess next time I purchase a car I need to run it thru several scenerios to be sure the salesman isn't hiding stuff. No new vehicle should vibrate like these vans do on the hwy

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