2014 Ford Fusion 1.5-Liter Rated at 36 MPG


Ford's adding a new engine to its Fusion lineup in the hopes of increasing fuel economy. Turns out, the turbocharged 1.5-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder is slightly less efficient than the current 1.6-liter EcoBoost.

The 178-horsepower 1.5-liter, which is optional on SE models, is rated at 23/36/28 mpg city/highway/combined with the six-speed automatic transmission, according to the EPA. For 2014, the 178-hp 1.6-liter can only be equipped with a manual transmission and is rated slightly higher at 25/37/29 mpg.

Like the 1.6-liter, the new 1.5-liter will be available with stop-start engine technology. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder (22/34/26 mpg) remains standard on the S and SE models, and the Titanium retains a standard turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that makes 22/33/26 mpg (front-wheel-drive versions.)

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I am not a big fan of "big car/small engine" combination. Engine gets overworked. they will never reach this EPA numbers in real driving conditions, especially with turbo.

Also, look what circus Ford made out of it with the engines for Fusion.

Nice car! I'd love to drive it


"Ford's adding a new engine to its Fusion lineup in the hopes of increasing fuel economy." This is wrong. The 1.5L was developed for China (but is being equipped in the U.S. Fusion as well). China has a higher tax on vehicles with engine sizes greater than 1.5L. It was not developed to get better mileage than the 1.6L.


Next, Ford is going to make the Fusion to be powered by Flintstone-power and get way better MPG?

a) Ford had been caught red-handed being a bunch of liars about the mileages.

b) As Tony pointed out, the tiny engine can never achieve the mileage claim unless the driver wants a 0-45 run in the mid 20's.


Tony and J,
36 mpg highway doesn't seem out of line for a sedan with a small 4 cylinder motor. Do you have anything to back up your statements that the mileage stated can't be achieved?


Not reading Jennifer Geiger again. The first sentence of her article is untrue, making the whole piece worthless.
A tip to "writers" out there. Do a simple Google search of your topic before writing.


I don't have a problem with turbocharged engines, but I would certainly choose naturally aspirated given the choice.

I'd take the Mazda6 over this all day long.


this is a well known fact that small turbo engines are developed as answer to government restrictions. For example, in some European countries there is nice taxation on engine displacement. So manufacturers are trying hard to make more out of less. Unfortunately, under any sort of load these engines start to suck more fuel but they do well on tests. If you go 0-60 in 30 seconds this is very efficient.

Now, let me tell you. Honda Accord with what? - 2.4 liter - gets same mileage than this. But Accord will be nice and quiet. And this thing will be buzzing at 3000 rpm.

Skankzilla ,
everybody raving about looks of Fusion. But I would take Accord and Mazda6, even new Malibu looks over it every day. The more I stare at that grill the less elegance I see. And generally, it looks a bit angular, especially rear end



I know right? The Fusion has a sleeker roofline than most family sedans, but it still looks frumpy to me.



If you are talking about my point (a), look no further than the C-Max.

For point (b), this is not as complicated as it may seem.
You will need to find out how much can the engine generate before the turbo is spooled up and providing any boost. Take that and measure with the weight of the vehicle.


Let me guess, you think Ford lied about the C-max so they must lie about all their other cars too. Hyundai must be a bunch of liars too then and same with Mazda for overstating horsepowers from a number of years ago.

The answer, responder, is no they do not have data to back up their opinions.


Ford is really getting carried away with "how small can we make car engines now" idea. If the reworked Malibu 2.5L gets close to Ford's 1.5L mpg's with more power, why bother to keep going with smaller engines? Except to brag, what's the point? Thankyou Honda and Toyota for keeping their V6's powerful, efficient, and as an option if people want one.


I have a 2014 fusion with the n/a 2.5i have to drive 300 miles every other week end and I get 40+ Mpg at 60mph, 37+ mpg at 70mph and 35+ at 75mph in the city I get 25ish

I just bought a 2014 Fusion SE with the 1.5 Ecoboost engine and so far I find this four banger teamed up with the 6 speed automatic a fun car.
Its not broken in yet so I'm treating it with TLC.
The four cylinder power plants have come along way in the past few years and I think there here to stay.
I own several older Mustang V8's and there have been times when a late model sedan with a four cylinder engine surprised me when trying to pass them.
Remember, the four cylinder has been around a long time as some of you may remember the Offenhauser used in race cars in the 40's. Yes, that's the 1940's.
So as time goes on it may prove Ford is ahead of the game already.


I just checked on the Ford site and it says the 1.5L ecoboost generates 181 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque, but the article says 178 horsepower. Interestingly, it shows the 1.6L ecoboost generating 184 lb-ft of torque but at a much lower RPM.


I have a 2014 Ford Fusion 1.5L and it sucks up the gas. I would not recommend this vehicle now to anyone.


I have a Ford Fusion 2014 w/ a 1.5L and it sucks up the gas. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone now after almost 7 months of owning it and the gas mileage keeps going down.


Poor mpg Fusion 2014 1.5L.
Do not recommend this vehicle.

Ford doesn't lie about mpg numbers. The are required by law to use the EPA numbers. The are also required by law not to discuss any other numbers except for the ones put out by the EPA. So if the EPA says a car get 47mpg Ford CANNOT say, "it's rated at 47 but you'll likely see 41". The same as Ford can't say "it's rated at 47 but you'll see 50+ mpg". It's rated at what it's rated at and that is the ONLY number the federal government will allow Ford to communicate to customers. Period.

Just know the EPA's test is flawed, and it's an approximation at best. It's still valuable information, especially for comparing one car against another...which is what it was designed for in the first place.

Robert MacKenzie

I've been driving a 2014 Fusion SE with 1.5l Ecoboost for just over 2 weeks now (less than 2,000km) and am getting a very respectable 38mpg (USG) combined compared to my 2007 Fusion 2.5l na which averaged 29mpg (USG).


I have a 2014 Fusion with the 1.6L. Been a Ford man a long time and love my Fusion. The only thing I hate is the MPG. I am averaging 24.5 miles to the gallon. 22 mile trip to work with 16 being freeway. terrible mileage.


Ladies and gentlemen, just buy an Altima or an Accord, real engines, with real MPG, which is much higher than any Fusion, thought

Rick Knows

The comments that Ford lied about gas mileage are totally false. First of all, Ford surely hoped the 1.5 would produce better EPA results than the 1.6. Cars take years to design and roll out for testing...with high hopes in various areas including gas mileage. The first sentence has a lot of insight behind it. The EPA ratings are not known until the car is designed, finalized and submitted to EPA for final testing. The results are what they are. Ford does not manipulate EPA testing. The EPA tests have flaws and shortcomings, period. They have been tweaked countless times since the 70's. EPA doesn't and can't simulate real-world driving for every driver. In addition, the EPA testing wrongly assumes drivers have a sensitive foot and try to achieve good gas economy. I'd say the majority of "us" ignore speed limits and compete with each other, exhibiting varying levels of neurologic disorder, including road rage. This is why hybrid vehicle real-world results are so far out of whack. People who sincerely try to achieve optimal economy come close to EPA results unless they drive all short trip in a cold climate and/or hilly area. When a car is driven 20 miles, about 3/4 of the cycle involves oil and coolant temps below normal operating temps. It takes 10-15 miles for the typical automotive combustion engine to reach peak efficiency. The EPA cycles are performed with a car that is at normal operating temps (coolant temp 200 degrees and oil temp >150 degrees F at the BEGINNING of the test. This only works for people driving longer distances.


Your comments on hybrids are way off base. A toyota Prius easily achieves its epa rating of 50 mpg in the real world. In fact, driving it normally it's not uncommon to hit 53 to 55 average. Since Prius is the best selling hybrid, your generalization is wrong. Same story for Camry hybrid. People who learn how to maximize the hybrid system can do much better. My experience is shared by most hybrid owners, except for those who are stuck with poorly designed hybrids.


I Own a 2014 Fusion 1.5 Ecoboost. Its gets every bit of what the EPA says. I just drove to Chicago and back from Detroit. 35.2 MPG round trip roughly 600 miles. Done it more than once. I have zero complaints.


For all of you supporting foreign car makers bottom dollar you really need to look in the mirror and the faces of people out of work because you support other countries economy's and not ours. That is the bottom line. Nuff said


I remember a number of news stories about American auto workers drinking on the job and apparently smoking marijuana at the factory. Are those the victims you are talking about or are the real victims the Americans who bought domestic and got a lemon for their hard earned cash? Do you think its possible that the people you are trashing wouldn't be buying imports if they hadn't been burned by Detroit?



Do you really think drinking only goes on in American factories?? I don't think so, and just to let u know I own a 2008 F150 and a 2013 Chrysler town and country with no reliably issues. My truck has well over 100,000 miles and never did anything other than preventative maintenance. So all American built cars aren't garbage! You must be still stuck in the 70's and 80's with that stupidity.


Toyota has been lying to its customers for years. Sludge issues in its engines, sudden acceleration and I can keep going, and they had the nerve to say consumers hit the gas instead of the brake!! Really, do they think we're that stupid? But I guess so if you bought a pos prius anyway.


Yes it goes on in american factories and there was video to prove it. Haven't seen similar stories from other countries. Yes many american cars were garbage in the 70s and 80s, and thats when domestic customers jumped ship. Are you so ignorant that you think those customers are coming back based on a calendar? Tell everyone you meet anything you want about Toyota, but that's a company that stepped up with quality products when Detroit and many of its workers didn't care about the customer anymore. And yes the prius is a great car, in fact the best selling car in california.


FORD have one of the best reliability ratings out there right now they are up there with Toyota for your info. Every manufacturer has had his problems in the past but for you to just dance the Detroit automakers is if they're still making garbage you are insane.



is it night people like you is the reason why this country has had so many downfalls in the past because you spend all your money on form a product instead of supporting your own countries products. Is the status quo just like people that go out and buy a Mercedes and BMW and Land Rover GERMAN cars have some of the worst reliability issues out of any other manufacturer in the world but people still buy them because they expensive piece of crap


I have had a 2014 Ford Fusion SE with the 1.5L for about a month now. It is an excellent powertrain for what it is (FWD, I4 auto).

To those saying that a naturally aspirated 2.4 or 2.5L I4 is better, I strongly disagree. What the turbo gives you is low end (i.e. usable) torque, and horsepower numbers that are equal to the larger engines. This is a great combination. My mileage is better than the 2.5L I4 that I had previously (also paired with a 6-speed auto transmission). Mileage with any vehicle is most dependent on how you drive it, and what conditions you are driving in.

The car is quiet, handles well, and accelerates very well. 80 MPH is easy and feels like about 50 MPH. [Maybe that isn't such a good thing. ;) ] You really have to watch your speed, as this is a smooth driving vehicle.

For someone looking for an attractive, well built, affordable, and nice driving sedan, the Ford Fusion is a winner all day long and better than the competition in my opinion.


I have a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium 2.0 AWD Ecoboost. With proper driving, some gunning it for fun, I am getting 24-28MPG (US) with regular 87 octane mixed driving with a lot of stop and go traffic.

So with a near 3700lb car WITH AWD and larger displacement, feeling pretty good as it only has 16,200KM so far, should continually get better as I get closed to 20, then 30K. Oh and the power is great and literally the quietest and SMOOTHEST car I've driven. Better than some V6's.


I have a 2014 1.6 ecoboost with 6spd manual, and I get about 39 highway.

After 2000 miles of city and highway driving, I'm averaged at 35.2.

Ford didn't lie.

Cary Watkins

I just bought a 2014 SE with the 1.5 Ecoboost. I am getting 18 MPG avg right now, but I am hoping that number comes WAY up with some more miles and time. I have only clocked 148 miles on the odometer so far


I have a 2014 SE 1.5I and I love it. I get about 31.9 around town and went on a beach trip and was getting 35.4 mpg. So the Fusions aren't that bad with the smaller motors. I have a 2005 Altima with the 2.5l and I get around 33.4 around town and 38.7 highway. The Altima also has 247,xxx on it. It is all as it seems. Not to hard to believe..

Kevin P

Don't know where you are getting your info but my fusion gets up to 36mpg highway and 24mpg city. So compared to other cars I've owned in the same class the mpg is much much better!!

Big Al

People need to understand that the fuel mileage capability on cars is given out by the EPA, car companies cannot do this.They also have been wrong about Toyota's mileage and others as well.


I own a 2014 fusion 1.5 ecoboost. 6,000 miles on it. Love this car. Averave 26 mpg city,30 plus highway all day long. So smooth. What im curious to see is the logevity of these turbo motors.


I own a 2015 fusion se 1.5 ecoboost.I made two 900 mile trips at 75/80mph,it got 31.0 highway. I drive 64 miles round trip to work, 29.6 mpg hwy. It has 4000 miles on it now. I sold 2002 VW TDI with 260,000 45/48 mpg average ???


ya k ow everything in the news paper is fact and everything you hear is true so , with that said use a little common sense driving habits effect a cars mpg's. so if you have a heavy foot on your accelerator with jack rabbit take offs and you have to get up to speed as fast as you can it's maybe not the car no matter what you drive! Now , that being said I've owned a 2010 nissan altima and is did get the mileage claimed at 32 mpgs all highway At 65 mph not 70 or above. now that said I own a 2014 ford fusion with the turbo eco boost and it does get the claimed 33 mpg and more at 65 mph so I won't tell you the higher mpg I gave achieved but mine is a matter of fact I've done it so for the people who just want to believe all the hype congrats but for those of you that want fact here it is . I have achieved this more than once as well


Oh its a 2.0 liter motor


I have a 2015 1.5lt Fusion and so far I love it!! EXTREMELY FUEL EFFICIENT. IT GIVES ME AN AVERAGE OF 27 IN CITY AND 35 IN HIGHWAY. A full tank will last 370-430 miles. Now it is veeeery slow after the 50mph


I own a 2014 Fusion with 1.5L Ecoboost engine. I purchased it in September 2014. Still warm out but now in January, it is cold here. My car has around 18K miles on it.My driving is 80% HWY and 20% City. The gas mileage was ok in the beginning but now it fluctuates with a lowest recorded combined MPG of 29. The electronic gauge tells me that I am averaging 31.4 MPG but when I do the math at the pump, my results are lower by 1-1.5 MPG. Now, the tank is 16.5 gallons. If you average anything above 30MPG than you should get at least 500 Miles

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