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The 2014 Ford Fiesta's redesigned grille might make it look wider, but it won't feel that way inside. Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays says effective use of subcompact space remains the Fiesta's least-fun attribute for both those in the backseat and the driver trying to maneuver without making inappropriate contact with the front passenger. And Mays has two words for those seats: "butt fatigue." Still, impressive power and handling make it feel like the Fiesta can party with the big boys. Watch the video.

2014 Ford: Up Close

2014 Ford Fiesta ST: First Drive

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Kelsey's review on the Fiesta is pretty spot on. As a Ford loyalist and small car fanatic, I really wanted to like this car. I'm looking for a new small car in the coming year and the Fiesta was certainly on my list.

Recently I rented a brand new 2014 SE hatch, like the one tested, and enjoyed the solid feel, rewarding steering, sure-footed road manners, and quiet cabin during the 600 miles I drove it. It felt bigger than it was. And 44mpg on my freeway stint was amazing!

But the car never let you forget how small it was. My right knee was constantly rubbing the center console, my left knee against the cupholder protruding from the driver door, and the armrest didn't extend far enough back in the driver door panel for my elbow to rest.

The back seat had sports-coupe like legroom and headroom; very cramped.

Overall, riding in the cabin four hours each way just felt miserable and almost claustrophobic.

Some of the other cars that I'm considering; the Sonic, Accent, and even the Mirage, feel much roomier and airier.

It's a shame; I love Ford and the Fiesta's looks and driving experience, but I would regret making payments on a car that made me like I'd need the jaws of life to get out of it everyday


Wow it's looking really good now. I have to say I wasn't a big fan of the previous model but this one really stepped it up.


I think the grill looks more like the faux Focus Electric grill than the Fusion the video compares it to. That's probably because the Focus is a much more similarly sized car to the Fiesta.

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