What You Can Learn from a Window Sticker


If we asked what a vehicle's window sticker contains, you'd probably reply, "the sticker price," without hesitation. Although you'd be right, you'd also be making a vast understatement. In addition to the manufacturer's suggested retail price, window stickers contain a wealth of info about vehicles to help ensure buyers get their money's worth for whatever price they actually wind up paying. Follow the link below to learn more about the window sticker, like how it got its industry name, "the Monroney" — and why failing to adhere to sticker statute can be a costly mistake for a dealer.

Using the Window Sticker to Your Advantage

By Matt Schmitz | September 21, 2013 | Comments (1)


Thomas V

I've noticed American car dealerships rarely post a car's window sticker on the dealership website. That probably explains why I haven't bought American for over a decade. Our last new Subaru and Acura had real pictures and the window sticker accessible right from the local dealer's website. Saves a lot time as I see all the specs and option packages right from home. Perhaps it's to much work for American car dealers.

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