Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: August 2013


In a recurrent chorus, GM said it had its best month since September 2008. Chrysler said it had its best August since 2007 while Honda says it had its best August ever.

Chrysler's gains were thanks to August records for Jeep's Wrangler, Compass and Patriot, plus a 30.9% sales increase for the automaker's popular Ram pickup. (Chrysler's U.S. umbrella includes Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Fiat.) It marks the automaker's 41st month in a row of year-over-year sales increases.

Honda sold nearly 40,000 Civics in the last full month of summer. Purchase incentives remained steady with year-ago levels — when the maligned 2012 Civic was still in showrooms — but sales were anything but steady. The popular compact surged 58.5% in August, edging out the Accord to become Honda's best-seller. It would have been America's best-selling car in August, but the Toyota Camry piled on 21.8% in sales to keep the spot.

Look down the list and the bigger surprise is the Toyota Prius hybrid. Despite lower gas prices in August, Prius sales still surged thanks to big gains from the Prius c and Prius Plug-In. Year-over-year incentives on the car were stable, but sales gained 29.6% over an already-big August 2012.

Other notable best-sellers included the Nissan Altima, which is up 19.6% despite lower year-over-year incentives and the Altima coupe being phased out, and the Chevrolet Equinox — up 23.9%, thanks to higher inventory and incentives versus year-ago levels. Ford said the Fusion sedan had its best August in the nameplate's eight-year history, and the F-Series pickup had its 25th consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases. Ford's most popular truck led the pace for all full-size pickups, which increased 18.5% in August. And pickups did that with relatively no incentives push versus year-ago levels on the segment's popular players. Finance and cash-back deals on Chrysler's Ram pickup went down a bit, and GM's Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra twins shed the glut of inventory in August 2012 thanks to new designs for both hitting dealerships. But pickup demand kept up and not just because of a healthier housing market.

With the top seven automakers reporting numbers, August sales increased 16.5%; they're up 9.9% for the year, and by day's end we could see the best sales pace since before the recession. You could chalk it up to a healthier economy in general. Consumer confidence, often up and down depending on the month, has seen a sustained lift as unemployment in July (the latest month of data) fell to 7.4%. That's the lowest level in nearly five years.

New-car incentives are still up versus year-ago levels, with an average $5,621 per car in total discounts — including discount financing and lease offers, cash back and other freebies — according to CNW Marketing Research. That's up $646 versus August 2012. But ever-rising MSRPs still had the average car transacting at $32,666 in the first half of August 2013, according to CNW; that's up $485 over August 2012.

Here are August's top 10 best-selling cars.


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Regarding the comment from johndoe26...seriously,

Did no one on your team find it objectionable that he posted an offensive slur in his comment?

Do you allow anything in your comments section?

I'm extremely surprised that Hyundai Sonata wasn't in that list. Just bought a Hyundai Sonata and I've owned Honda's Hyundai is far superior I think and belongs in that list. Good list though!

Derrick G

No surprise the Sonata isn't on the list. For one thing, it's the oldest midsize car on the market. And its fuel economy has been surpassed by quite a few other models. But the biggest reason it's not on the list is that Hyundai has been giving up Sonata capacity to build more Elantras.'s inventory shows 32,714 Camry models right now. There are 45,285 Accords listed and 48,979 Altimas. Compare that to 17,745 Sonatas and it's not hard to see why the Sonata isn't there.


"...Hyundai is far superior I think and belongs in that list..."

What a fool


7 out of the top 10 are imports. Not one domestic car on the list. The big 3 ought to kiss each truck bumper they make cause that's what puts them here.


Seriously jeff??? Sorry that you found my comment soooo offensive buddy! Jeez chill the heck out!!


Sure, johndoe26...I'll "chill" when you agree to walk into a room full of Asian-Americans and restate your original comment.

I wasn't offended by your comment, "buddy"...only shocked that somebody is still using a slur commonly heard during the 1940s.


Hey Jeff,
Instead of ASSuming that the term used was meant to be a slur, why don't you give someone the benefit of the doubt and just point out their mistake rather than making a federal case out of it. Sometimes people mistakenly shorten words when texting or posting and don't realize what it looks like. Since he obviously likes the Japanese brands I hardly think that it was meant with ill regard.


"Despite lower gas prices in August, Prius sales still surged."

Not sure where you are, here in Southern California gas prices are still above $4 per gallon and have been for about three years.


California stinks, besides the weather. Soon enough Diane Feinstein will call drivers "terrorists" and ban fast cars. Exactly! I gassed up today and the price was 20c higher than a month ago. Seriously, between my bike 60mpg and a Car 30mpg I didn't fuel in a month while driving around 600 miles.


Thanks lance. Couldnt have said it any better myself. I'm sure "jeff" was probably more offended that I was pointing out the fact that the "imports" from japan did better in August than the american brands did.

We encourage healthy debate in our comments but our posting rules clearly state keeping things civil. Comments with derogatory language will be removed.


Surprised to some cars on there and not surprised to see others. Thanks for the list!


It's been a great year for Ford and most of its models.

wow didnt expect the CR V up there!

Lots nice good reliable cars on this list, not much personality though. Pretty bland and dull choices.

surprised not to see more Fords on that list.

Our stats for October:

1. Ford F-150
2. Nissan Altima
3. Chevrolet Silverado 1500
4. Ford Focus
5. Ford Fusion
6. Toyota Camry
7. Ford Escape
8. Honda Accord
9. Honda Civic
10. Chevrolet Impala
11. Ford Edge
12. Hyundai Sonata
13. Toyota Corolla
14. Ford Explorer
15. Volkswagen Jetta

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