How to Protect Your Car Against Theft

Apart from the last remaining denizens of the "Mayberry R.F.D." postal zone, we're not sure who's still leaving their keys in the ignition with the engine running while they run into the corner store for a Yoo-hoo and a MoonPie. But if the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Highway Loss Data Institute keep stats on it, someone must be doing it. If you're among them, stop. If not, continue using common sense, and follow the link below for some simple security measures you might not have thought of to protect your vehicle and the property therein.

Common Sense Security Tips

By Matt Schmitz | September 21, 2013 | Comments (1)
Tags: Advice, Safety


One thing I feel like often gets overlooked in terms of theft protection is tinting your car windows. I own a tinting shop in Florida and we use this as a selling point all the time. First off, thieves won't steal what they can't see. Second, the shatter-proofing effect of window film can be enough to convince a burglar to move along if they try to break the window unsuccessfully. So go tint your windows if you want some added protection against theft!

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