Does the 2014 Acura MDX Allow Third-Row Access with Child-Safety Seats in the Second Row?

"Will this work in the new MDX through its "slide forward" feature without removing the car seat?"

Lisa S.

You can have access to the third row in the 2014 MDX if you have one child-safety seat installed in the second row, but not if two are installed.

Instead of two captain's chairs with walk-through space between them, the MDX's second row is a 60/40-split folding bench. Each side has a push-button release that lets you slide that side of the seat forward to climb into the third row. That means if you have a child-safety seat installed on the passenger side, you can access the third row from the driver's side and vice versa.

The second row has about 6 inches of forward-and-back travel, and the center portion has a folding armrest, but there is no walk-through provision to the third row.

You can learn more about the seating arrangements in our review here.

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By Rick Popely | September 29, 2013 | Comments (4)



I dont think the poster was expecting a "walk thru", (as in a minivan with captain's chairs), but rather comparing the feature in the Nissan pathfinder that allows the second row passenger seat to give 3rd row access without removing the child seat. I assume that your answer is correct, nonetheless.


the inability to do this with two car seats in the second row is one of the main reasons we replaced our 2011 MDX with the Infiniti JX35 over the new MDX. Their new feature to move the 2nd row with a car seat installed is wonderful. And we love our JX35, it is by far the favorite vehicle we have ever owned.

Melvin Lew

You can place two child seats in the second row of the 2014 Acura MDX, one in the middle, one behind the driver. That leaves the passenger side seat free to move forward to access the third row. This is how I've got mine set up.

The JX35/QX60 second row tilt forward is nice, but not nice enough to overcome the Infiniti's worse handling, performance, and fuel economy. I love my 2014 Acura MDX.



What brands/models are your two car seats in your second row? I was able to put one in behind the driver seat but the middle looks to narrow to put another one next to it and still have room to slide the passenger side up. I measured and it looks like a max width of 15 inches is what I can get but can't find a car seat that is narrow enough. Maybe my other car seat needs to be more narrow? Please help.

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