Reviews the 2014 Toyota 4Runner


The 2014 Toyota 4Runner fancies itself the sixth generation of the off-road SUV, but it really just had a nip and a tuck to look younger. Editor Mark Williams says the 4Runner's cosmetic enhancements are quality ones, most notably the new grille with its wider, gaping lower section and narrowed, reshaped headlights. Going unchanged is the 4Runner's confident, capable performance on inhospitable terrain, lest anyone mistake it for just another pretty face-lift.

2014 Toyota 4Runner Review

By Matt Schmitz | September 16, 2013 | Comments (10)



This is hideous. Nice stock street tires yo! (sarcasm) 4-Runner, Supra, and Corolla used to mean something. Next year will be the first time since 1994 that I will be buying and recommending ANY Nissan over any comparable Toyota.


RIP-Kaisan- not sure I understand your comment. While I agree the front end work looks hideous, re: your "street tires" comment: since when did most 4Runners (not the upgrade packages) come with offroad tires?


I like it. The "I don't give a damn what you think" front styling matches its go anywhere character and makes 4runner the bad boy of the Toyota lineup.


A mistake by Mark Williams. This is STILL the FIFTH generation. Toyota does a major overhaul with the 4 runner 6-7 years on average. Last actual redesign was 2003 before going into its current 2010 look. Look at the Scion tC for 2014 and it has the same design approach. It's still considered the second generation. Also, look to the changes for the Avalon from 2010-2011. It was still the same generation. Check out all those designs on here or google and I know it's accurate to say this is the FIFTH generation going through its midcycle refresh.


I did not think these were selling well after 1998, and someone at Toyota has actually approved this...

Have not sold well since 1998?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA


Love to see your face when you get this:

2000 111,797
2012 48,755

In your face

2014 Toyota 4Runner looks gorgeous. I think it is the most appealing SUVs than others. It's interior and exterior looks good as well as performance is excellent. I have been off roading in all my life.I have driven and owner older 4Runner. I have pretty good knowledge on it and i found few changes in 2014 4Runner than fifth generation and i think 2014 Toyota 4Runner is overall excellent.


Did this kiss a Mitsubishi Lancer?
Then turned into a frog...

looks like best for desert area.

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