Reviews the 2013 Volkswagen CC


Volkswagen's CC offers the best of both worlds, says reviewer Kristin Varela. Outside, its sleek, sexy silhouette makes it look like a fun, sporty car. Its sedan functionality and reasonable price, however, make it much more practical than it looks, she says.

2013 Volkswagen CC Review



I've actually never heard a person say "tomahto". Your husband is a rarity haha


Diappointing mileage for such a modest size car. Camry hybrid, fusion hybrid and even the sonata\optima hybrid twins get nearly twice the mileage. Accord hybrid does even better (50 mpg city) and has better quality and styling. Can't understand why anyone would buy the Cc. Even the Impala looks nicer than this.


This is a very attractive, capable car. MPG is only one dimension of a car. I would bet that the CC outhandles any of the hybrid cars mentioned here, and the interior is far superior. The CC is on my short list, but none of the hybrids are. Bravo VW!


to responder: do you actually own a CC or have you driven one. You're comparing turbo to hybrid totally different technologies. why do you bring an impala to the comparison. no offence but you really need to schedule an eye appointment to have your eyes checked.


CC is a niche product because it's neither practical nor appealing to most people. That's why they've only been able to sell 10,000 so far in 2013. For the same money you can buy a hybrid camry, fusion, accord sonata or optima and end up with the car of the future instead of a run of the mill 4 cylinder vw. Or you can even get the much more spacious and luxurious Impala.

If you can't afford a new BMW or a MB, get a VW CC, the handling feeling and exterior styling is virtually the same..


To responder: I am a proud and satisfied owner of RLine CC. The next time that you are going to make a comment in a vehicle make sure that you are knowledgeable enough make an intelligent comparison or analysis. First define "hybrid" . I do respect your taste but I cannot imagine what are you currently driving. German technology at affordable price. I strongly recommend the CC if you are in the market for a new car. Ranked in the top 20.


I have a 2013 CC R-Line and just recently took it in for repairs because I was rear-ended. My rental was an Impala and I have never missed my car more. The handling and responsiveness of the CC is amazing and the gas mileage is greater than any comparable vehicle. Hybrids are a different ball game and do not offer the same amenities as a 4 cylinder Turbo and as far as interior styling and functionality the CC has them all beat. I have driven many cars in the past and have never bought the same car twice until the VW CC. This is my second CC and I could not be more satisfied. Its going to be tough to get me to purchase any other vehicle. The only thing I see myself going to after this is another VW.

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