2015 Chevrolet Tahoe: More Photos


General Motors says that "nearly one of two full-size SUVs sold in Texas is a Texas-built Chevy." It's no wonder then that the automaker chose the 2013 State Fair of Texas to showcase its new Arlington-built Tahoe.

The Tahoe enters its fifth generation with sportier styling and a more upscale interior. Check out the gallery of the redesigned SUV below. Click to enlarge; Cars.com photos by Evan Sears.

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban: Photo Gallery
2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban: First Look
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I liked the '15 Tahoe, very much, initially. I admire it more as I see new details released. All of that space and able to tow a variety of items at-will. Looking forward to seeing the new Tahoe and Suburban up close.

Agent Mike

Unless this has been made from aluminum and powered by a new diesel engine. This Big hunk of American Iron is going to be a gas guzzling PIG!


That's a great red color and thanks for the photos as you might be the first to publish additional real-world photos since the unveiling.


What an embarrassment for our country. I hope President Obama levies a gas tax penalty on these monstrosity's.

chevy guy

for the people who say that these suv's are "gas sucking pigs" i would like to point out that compared to all there competition especially toyota and nissian, the gm family is pushing 22 highway compared to 17 from every other full size out there, in my experience my 05 chevy suburban is getting 18 in my daily commute same as my window sticker said all the way back in 05, while my wife's Acadia can only get at best 19 highway on the same commute, to any hater of fullsize i ask you why should a crossover which weighs 2500 pounds less and has a V6 vs a 5.3L V8 can only pull 1 mpg better...to me when i bought my suburban I considered what I needed, I needed something to pull my boat which is 3 1/2 tons.....I am just saying there are people out there that find more use out of a fullsize suv vs a full size 4 door truck, I say good for gm coming out with a new body style. After a few more years without a truck payment i might finally buy another one I really like the looks of the newest body style i just hope i can still fit a 4x8 piece of plywood in the back with the second row down and third row out...or in that new ones case down


What a beautiful piece of work!!! I was thinking of going SUV and my wife has always wants a Tahoe. Maybe about that time...


Chevy guy's comment is what I would use this to describe:
Pot calling kettle black...


Cooper loves him some authoritarian BOHICA and hates free choice.

I'm looking forward to seeing this in darker colors. I haven't liked the latest generation in GM/Chevy's lineup, but these new 2014/2015 models are sharp.


Chevy took an already excellent SUV and made it even better. Glad to see it wasn't radically changed; why ruin a good thing. The other SUVs don't hold a candle to a Tahoe, especially this one.

Michael C

Wow, until I saw these pictures I wasn't entirely sure that this car actually had a rear end.


Cooper should move to a communist country. Then again, if he/she stays here long enough, we might be one anyway.


Yeah, that guy who expresses his own opinion is a communist and should be forced out the country... everyone else must be for freedom.

I like Chevy guy's comment best. It is odd that these things get only marginally lower fuel economy than smaller vehicles. But I would like to see that in terms of real world comparisons. The purpose of large SUVs seems clear, whether other people buy them for that or another reason doesn't really mean much about the car - its what it says about the person. Every country has vehicles that get horrendous mileage and cost a lot.

As for the looks, anything that resembles the stacked look of the front on a new Silverado... wow, I don't think that is the way to go.

chevy guy

J yes from some peoples point of view you could say I am calling a pig a pig but all I can say is lets compare 3 vehicles all are 2010s to keep this comparison fare so that all have 6 speed auto trans and no other difference all will have 4x4 or awd set up.....ok first is a suburban mpg rated 21 highway 2nd dodge charger with a 5.7 v8 mpg rated 23 3rd a largly smaller car a ford edge epa rated 23 as well....when I said my point about getting the 18 highway in my 05 why should 2 vastly smaller cars get the same rating as about my truck.....could you not say that the owners of those cars are by comparison much more harmful to the environment then a suv...at least mine can tow pickup rated loads and still haul 8 people when the occasion calls for it now to me the kettle may be black but compared to alot of smaller less capable cars and crossovers can you blame people who step up to a fullsize ....now yes there are some people who own these vehicles who will never tow never haul more than themselves etc but thats the same as a sportscar owner who doesnt race...........and belly I cant show you a head to head review against these cars those are epa ratings that can be checked......the only thing i can say is in my truck I drive 90ish percent highway and rest 55mph rural roads so I dont ever get the lowest figures ...if you live in down town city it gets like 13 best but vast majority of these trucks arnt in the city yes you do see people have them for no reason other than look but that's there choice ...test drive one take it to a open highway set the cruise and see what you get I bet you will be surprised how good they can get on the highway while providing great comfort

chevy guy

Not attacking either one of you simply responding to your vary valid points sorry if I came off badly J just bringing to light the larger argument I hear all the time against my truck


Good post. No attack felt here.


Seriously, reading the whole block of words are quite painful...

But on the other hand, this argument is not going anywhere...We have done this more than enough times...

You can say on the occasion when you need to haul 8 people. But how often does most people who buys these giants actually haul all 8 people most of the time?

I would rather drive what I need most of the time and rent when needed...but that is just me.




Belly, I wrote nothing about the fact that Cooper expressed his/her opinion. I was referring to the opinion that was expressed. Clearly, Cooper thinks no one should have the choice of buying a large SUV because Cooper disagrees with GM for building these due to their relatively bad gas mileage. So, Cooper believes that somehow this is a reflection of "our country" and that we should be embarrassed as a result.

The fact is that GM and Toyota and Ford and Nissan all build these large SUVs because consumers WANT them. And since said companies have a profit motive on which the foundation of our economic prosperity is based, they build the vehicles.

chevy girl

Am ready !!! .. I hope is at the Texas state Fair this yr. ... I LOOOOVE MY TAHOES .. I just love it that chevy made the sits fold down that is a plus .. I was hoping and praying for these sits since I got my 2009 .. Aaaaah ! I'm crazy about my TAHOES .. Lol .. Just love it .. Really does not matter what anyone else that dislikes it says .. Am not any SUV chick am a Chevy girl and my hubby a Chevy man .. ;)

Carl Lazevich

I 've had 3 Tahoes and I love them. Nothing else for me. My first was an '01, the second was an '04 and the one I have now is an '08.
Gas mileage? How about 17 overall? The most I have ever gotten was all highway at 24.6. That's a lot better than a lot of shoe boxes.


Looks nice, will be interested to see it up close. My wife and I have a VW Tiguan which is great on gas but small on space. Looking to move to a bigger SUV since we lose that gas mileage with our Thule box on top when we really want to do anything with the kids and our dog.


I like the new design and it looks better in my mind every time I look at it more, I have a 2009 black TAHOE. this vehicle is the king of SUVs by all the means. I think that the GM makes it better with every redesign. hope to get the new one soon:)

scott marshall

I would like to tell everyone what great gas mileage I get from my 2009 Tahoe, I usually get 22 to 23 on the hwy. I have had 25 mpg on some trips, this is what my friends tell me also. Believe this


Ok J .... so whats the problem here? If I or anyone else want to buy a SUV, costs over 50k plus the tax, registration and what ever gas guzzling it will do plus the extra insurance, why should I not? Are you saying that because I am a single rider and my car uses 1/3 more gas than your smaller car that I am wrong. Hmmm ... ok hypocrite, lets take it one step further then. Unless you are on a moped/scooter, you are also wasting gas and burning up the environment. Lets face it, most of the time its just you and when two, you can fit some one on the back. Oh and rain? Well really how often does it rain?? Get a rain coat.

My point is we can take anything to the extreme and your argument is just an opinion that is not tied to facts.


This is one ugly Tahoe. Makes me so glad I got mine (2003) and the fact that I won't be eager to buy this ugly thing. Sorry, just like the new Jeep GC, this thing looks like another cookie cutter soccer mom wanna be mobile. Only now with all the chrome, it looks like a pimp daddy mobile. Way to go GM! Now just add Spinner wheels. Sorry GM, Chrome Sucks!

dont like big brother

you can tell what kind of idiot this guy is when he calls obama president


Been a honda/acura loyalty for the past 10yrs. That about to end, I'm actually waiting for this release to be my first GM ever. I've asked many chevy owner about their Big V8 EPA # report was much better than what I got with my 08 Honda Pilot. I average 17.8 city/hwy. The highest I hit is 22-23 on hwy road trips. So it doesn't make any sense to drive a small car and baby the gas pedals. I'm sure I'll be very happy to drive around in a bigger SUV with a monster V8 that could do much more than the japanese car can.


I don't like the front grill. They should have stuck with the diamond patterned chrome on the current LTZ


I think J should get a job close to home so he can walk to work and only use wood for heat and candles for light. Wait... that kills the trees.

Big Daddy

I currently own a Tahoe and was thinking of trading up to a new 2015 model until I saw the ugly front redesign. Why does a company shoot itself in the foot like this? I'm unlikely to buy something thats gross to look at.

Kyle W

Seems like you can't go anywhere anymore without people bickering and hating on something...or someone... sigh.

Constance S.

I think this SUV looks great. Yes, I am one of those people who has an SUV, but there are only two people in my household! I love my 2010 Ford Explorer. My husband's company car is a 2014 Explorer, which is fantastic! I don't feel bad driving the car I want and can afford just because it is bigger than what someone 'thinks' I need.


The 2015 Tahoe is a superbly redesigned vehicle. I ordered mine and can hardly wait for it to be built. See you on the road!!!


Once the "square design" finally fades away, hopefully GM can put some curves back into the exterior design. The interior looks nice though. With GM pretty much owning this segment, it doesn't matter what it looks like, they will sell. The new Silverado looks like it was designed using a 2"x4" as an inspiration. I personally think the Tahoe's headlights look ugly and copy Ford's new F150 way too much. How much can you compliment a flat, curveless body? Other than that, the interior looks nice. Oh yeah, it needs even bigger wheels.

James Chownyk

I would like to try one or two of my hydrogen electrolysers. I can guarantee over 30 mpg highway and 20+ in city.

Beverly Dragonetti

Don't buy the new 2015 Tahoe, I just purchased one a month ago and it has been worked on twice for leaking water inside, not a quality vehicle.


The new Tahoe is very ugly. Uglier in real life. Will not be buying one.

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