2014 Honda CR-V: What's Changed


Most significant changes: No changes for 2014

Price change: $150 higher on all models

On sale: Since early August

Which you should buy, 2013 or 2014? 2013

After introducing a redesigned CR-V crossover for 2013, Honda makes no changes for the current generation's second year. And there really was no reason to make any alterations to what seems to be a winning formula. The new CR-V was launched without quality glitches, sales are up nearly 9% this year and it remains the best-selling SUV (and among the 10 best-selling vehicles of all types).

The CR-V offers an appealing blend of passenger room, cargo space, fuel economy and overall performance, plus it comes with a standard backup camera, Bluetooth and other popular features even on the base LX models.

You don't get a lot of choices with the CR-V in the way of options. Instead, in typical Honda fashion you have to choose a specific model and take what's on it. The only options are a choice of front- or all-wheel drive on all models and a rear entertainment system or a navigation system on the EX-L. All versions come with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and a five-speed automatic transmission.

Though 2014 CR-Vs have been at dealerships since early August, more than one-third of the models in Cars.com's new car inventory are 2013s. The CR-V has been selling well enough that discounts might be hard to get in many locations, but the best chances are on a 2013 model, which will be just as good a 2014.

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By Rick Popely | September 19, 2013 | Comments (52)



If the price difference between a 2013 and a 2014 is less than $1,000 then I suggest going with the 2014. Honda resale is so strong you will get it back and more down the road. If you drive cars into the ground then the 2013 makes more sense.


Just hard, noisy, slick plastic interior. Terrible! Nothing sticks to the dash.Sounds reverbs badly in this auto when the plastic just rattles and echoes whatever are sitting in one of the pockets.
Road Noise is very bad. No features to be added to this auto unless you want leather and nav. system. None which improves the vehicle driving or comfort overall.
There are Cheaper priced auto on the market with dependability and reliability history.
Honda has lost its way. Customers are not brand loyalty like in the last century.
Honda needs to look what the Koreans are making and wise up or they will be a smaller share of the auto market in the USA.


Car & Driver ranked the CRV tops in it's category. I think they know what they're talking about whereas you're an idiot.



Sales number does not lie.


I have been offered a chance to swap my 2013 in for a 2014 at a key for key event by Honda. No charges, smae monthly payment (or less, fyi I have it currently on finance). The 2013 is a good car and I was just wondering if I should go ahead with the switch to 2014. Any opinions?


Kc, you will pay a hefty doc fee and possible sales tax. Not sure your state tax law.


LOVE the '13 CR-V!! The months of research always pointed to it as the best in reliability, value for price, safety and resale value. I avg 28 MPG and have all the speed and peppiness is could ever want. Your IQ goes up when you decide to buy a Honda. All my reliability research showed that only Nissan and Toyota can compare with Honda. The Nissan Rogue is not improved enough yet to compete and the Rav 4 feels cheap and rattly.

Jack B. Nimble

Aimless123, you must be talking about the 2013 Rogue, because the 2014 looks better and is more efficient than the CR-V.
People buy the CR-V for the same reason others buy the Camry, following the "brand appeal" within the specific segment, because there are always better models out there that are just as reliable for the money.


Does the Honda Cr-V lx or the base modelhave rear tinted windows? and does it have a rear backup camera? or no?


@Aaron The LX has rear backup camera, but no tinted windows.


Just bought the CRV-EX 2014, and I LOVE it (also my teenagers kids...).
Anyways- do u know if the 2013 doors vent visors (set of 4)are compatible with the 2014?


LOL @ Honda needing to look to the Koreans for ideas. The Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sportage are direct ripoff copies of the CRV, but without the quality. Nice try, Kia PR guy.

AND you'll find out the difference between the CRV and the Korean wanna-be-CRV's when you go to trade them, and take it in the shorts for about 4x what the difference between the real McCoy and a Korean knockoff is new.


As another asked do you know if the 2013 window vents/visors would work on the 2014 as well for the CR-V?


The window visors will work on the 2014. Nothing has really changed between the model years. I have a 2013 and love all the accessories you can get for it. Also look at weathertech for their window visors. I have those and they sit inside the window channel.


I have been offered a deal of swapping my 2012 for a 2014. My car is paid for, and my out of pocket expense will be 9500. I have 43,000 miles on it and they are going to put running boards on the new model. I can get a 1.9% finance. Does this sound like a good deal?


I like the new 2013 but I wanted a 2014 and the sakes man said oh it no difference only the keys I wish I was talk out of it and got the 2013 from nick wow they really could have help me get a 2014 but he just was making a deal to get a sale not about what I really wanted. If u got me in a 2012 why couldn't I've got into a 2014 honda work on UR salemen

Venessa, that's their job. It's not the salesmen's fault that you're obsessed with the model year. Did you even read the article about how nothing has changed for 2014 or are you just plain stupid? That goes double for the guy in the comments that traded up to a 2014 from his 2012. I don't understand consumers.


I have a 2000 Accord...runs fine, but I just want a new SUV ( at least once in my life b/c I never purchased a new car). Should I or should I not?


What is the 2013/2014 CR-V dominant color? Anybody?


I'm picking up my '14 model CR-V Touring package next week...I'm trading in my 2011. High mileage is my reason. I loved my 2011.

Scit mom

Some say there is a problem with the windshield freezing up. Anyone notice this? Also how does the AWD for 2014 work in the snow. Are people happy with it?


Who Makes the engine for the CR V 2014


Who makes the engine for the CR V 2014


I am an indefatigable shopper. I will not buy much without an exhaustive internet search. I like Mazda and the reviews of the CX-5 had me ready to buy until I actually drove it and I did not like the ride at all..handled great but not comfy. It also felt small inside. I had loved driving an Escape I rented for 10 days. It was a hoot handler and rode ok too but I don't trust its reliability..sorry. We tried the CR-V Honda and loved it because of the total package and our visual and seat of the pants impression. There is enough power and it is naturally aspirated..a plus for reliability and longevity. Honda resale I already know about and it was a factor but I don't buy just because of resale..I have to drive it daily for years so that is foremost consideration. I don't care that everywhere we go are people driving them..I don't make fashion statements with my rolling stock. All makes have units that make the owners unhappy but the odds are in my favor because Honda has an excellent reputation with owners.


Scit mom: The AWD has worked great this winter and we have had a snowy winter I might add. The AWD apparently works better than my previous 4WD version. On starts from stop the AWD will initiate if needed where as the 4WD only initiated after it has been in motion.

Overall I like the refinements that my CRV has provided.

I hope this helps.


Somebody asked about the CRV windshield freezing up. We have a 2014 CRV and right now have an outside temperature of 16 degrees and I can tell you without a doubt that YES there is a problem with the windshield freezing!!! Even with the defroster running on the highest temperature and the highest fan speed, ice builds up on the windshield and the wipers and does not go away at all. We are cold weather people and will be using the car quite often in these temps. so we are quite annoyed. We stopped into the Honda dealership to discuss the problem and was told that nothing could be done. It is due to the design and location of the defroster and the more extreme slant of the the windshield. We are so frustrated that although we love the car in all other ways, we will be trading it in another year or so just because of this windshield issue.

james krzeminski

Yes, the 2014 CRV has a problem with the fron defroster. It cannot clear the window of ice on a cold day. This should be a recall.

james krzeminski

The 2014 CRV definately has a defroster problem. Cannot defrost on a cold morning. This should be a recall.


Have you mentioned the problem to the dealer where you bought it? Sounds like the air door for the defroster might not be opening. This is likely a defect from the factory that would be fully covered by the warranty. The other possibility is your heater might be in air recirculation mode...when you aren't getting fresh air from outside the windows will not clear up. There is usually a button near the heater with a looped arrow on it for recirculation mode. Be sure to select the mode that shows outside air coming into the car.


Yes, crv does have the looped arrow button for air recirculation, plus a lighted indicator. Make sure the indicator light on the button is off to be in fresh air mode.


I have 2013 CRV EXL. when I turn on the seat heaters the center part of the seat heats up. both sides (left and right sides of the thighs) are not heating. has anyone noticed this? is this common in CRV's?


I have a 2009 and am disappointed that the ice problem on the windshield has still not been fixed. The poor design which allows ice to build up at the bottom of the windshield in that trough is dangerous. Have tried all kinds of wipers but you can't overcome a bad design. It is the only thing I dislike about my CRV but I will never buy another unless that changes.

fil cana

its my first time to own a crv lx awd the result? love it im satisfied what else? the problem of crv is when you drive it as if you cannot almost take control of the vehicle from side to side the agility is very much uncontrollable but i guess only if you are really new with CRV i mean you have to really study, learn introduce yourself to this vehicle and vice versa other than that you better enjoy driving it. if you have 2014 crv try to use the econ gas saver you can have a very minimal power or without econ the roar of the engine is a bit noisy but powerful


Can anyone comment on how cool the rear cargo area is? We have a dog who rides crated so need something that will be cool in the cargo area in hot summers. Heard 2014 has A/C vents in the cargo area but can't confirm that anywhere. We are looking at the base model.


I bought a 2013 CRV, and it has been back to the dealer 12 times for fit-and-finish issues, rattles, ect. I hate the car.

Baby Boomer

My CRV less than year old and only 8,800 miles. Quirky things happening with wheels locking up, sliding a lot on snow roads, gas range and mov highly inaccurate at times. Worried that computer board is faulty. This is 2013 model. Anyone else having similar problems?


Ive been researching compct suvs and like the subaru outback and honda crv, 2014 models. I will be driviung at high speeds , 65+mph and am wondering about the road noise and longevity at this speed. Any people out there with a comment?


The Honda CR-V was redesigned for 2012, not 2013...

Stephan C

We went from a VW Tiguan 2013 (totales) to a CRV 2014 and I can say this car has strenght, but also flaws...

Its not a confortable fast driver, it gets very noisy compared to our Tiguan... The AWD work for everyday comuting, but sucks for spirit driving... Relativly conformtable ride, but the seat in the LX and EX trim lack adjustment of the lumbar area,.. The cargo area is briliant, very roomy and well designed.

Buy if you are not a fan of driving, this car will bring you anywhere, as long as you like do not mind a very sedated experience. You won't be thrilled, but you wont be tired of driving it either...

I live in Northern Quebec and we didnt experience any windshield icing thats felt out of the ordinary... The handling is not super precise, but its not awfull either...

The auto setting on the climate control is usually a bit hyper on the fan speed, but you can always calm it down manually.

The transmission lack a semi-auto setting, but who care, its a overly overdrive 5 speed, just expect a lot of 3rd gear downshift... which is also where you endup for passing cars, which is bad.. only 3400 RPM to accelerate to pass with such a torque less engine... anyway.. I'de give the CRV 7 .5/10 if I had to grade it..

Hopefully its reliability will shine over time..


I am considering a CR-V but have heard that the headlights are not good and that its hard to drive at night. Has anybody experienced that with theirs?

Amy, I have a 2013 CRV, and I switched out my stock H4 headlight bulbs with these - PIAA 10704 Night Tech 60/55 Watt H4 Upgrade Bulb
IMO, these are a definite improvement to highway driving at night


I bought a 2013 CRV one year ago today, trading a 2000 Astro van that I drove almost 13 years.

I love the CRV except the seats which are as hard as a concrete block; I had to put a 2" thick piece of foam on it! I could drive the Astro 10 hours without being tired but not this CRV. THEY NEED BETTER SEATS

Liz Klavet

I own a 2005 Envoy Ex-L. I am considering trading it in for the 2014 CRV - Touring model. What is the gas consumption like on the CRV? Is there rear audio connections as I have teenagers who are not a fan of mom's music. Is there rear a/c and heat? Is the CRV reliable? Also, I do a lot of highway driving, what is the CRV like on highways?


Is this article right? Wikipedia says the CR-V got a new CVT transmission in North America starting in the 2014 model year. Not much information about this, but if you look on the spec sheet on Honda's website the 5 speed transmission is left unchecked all the way across the chart.


I just bought Honda CRV EXL 2014. I observed that the engine beating (noise) is more prominent and disturbing above 60mph speed. Anyone with similar experience, please comment.


I switched to a new 2014 CRv Ex from a 2008 Hyundai Tucson and drove a 1998 Crv prior. First thing I noticed is the headroom is a lot lower. My hair would constantly brush up against the top. In result I leave the moonroof cover open for that extra inch and find myself awkwardly tilting my head to the slight right . And why don't they offer push start on the crv? Anyone know how to change the 2014 key to flip key? I'm in Toronto and I googled...everything is for 2013 and under


Eric - the 2014 CR-V still has the 5 speed transmission. I'm surprised that Wikipedia erroneously says it is a CVT.


Hi, I just bought the 2014 crv and been driving a week with 200K which takes half a tank of gas... the gas mileage is good. But I experience the car seems to shift and not stable with the wind on highway driving. Also the car is only a week old..but the engine noise is so loud. Is this normal?? I wonder how loud would the engine be 5 or 10 years from now. Beside these...i love driving it...and the sit are very comfortable.


The only thing I hate about the 2014 crv is the engine loud noise...


I live in Thailand and I have a 2013 Honda CRV.Best SUV ever but in Thailand backup camera is not standard but I love my CRV


I have to agree with Joe. Road and engine noise horrible. Seat warmers take a long time to heat up. Leather seats ok but the armrests are thin pleather which will not last and will tear with use. Not really much has changed except style the rest is the same.

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