2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Rated at 50 MPG


Honda initially expected the hybrid version of its midsize sedan to get an EPA rating of 49 mpg on the highway. Turns out, the Accord Hybrid can eke out a bit more mileage: The 2014 sedan is rated at 50/45/47 mpg city/highway/combined, besting the Ford Fusion Hybrid (47/47/47) and the Toyota Camry Hybrid (43/39/41).

The sedan's powertrain combines a 124-kilowatt electric motor and lithium-ion battery with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It can operate in fully electric mode, gasoline only or mixed power. Honda says it's good for a driving range of 673 miles.

Production of the sedan starts today at the automaker's Marysville, Ohio, assembly line; it'll go on sale this fall, but Honda has yet to release pricing. Expect it to slot between the top-line 2014 Accord Touring's $34,270 price and the Accord Plug-in Hybrid's $40,570 sticker (both prices include destination).

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The question is, does it worth to buy a car of such complexity for this price? In the process, lose trunk space, create expensive maintenance. It makes no economic sense to me. And if you tell me, this is green, I tell you that you are fool. When the energy companies now trying to jump off nuclear options bacj to gas and other flammables, why I have to save the world at my cost? Thank you. I'll by regular 20K car with a normal trunk.


"Honda initially expected the hybrid version of its midsize sedan to get an EPA rating of 49 mpg on the highway."

I believe you meant city, not highway.


Too expensive.


For most drivers, gasoline under $5/gal. is too cheap for a hybrid to ever be cost/effective.

Mike Munoz

This car is perfect for my mom who drives exclusively in the city. But north of 35k for an Accord is still a bit steep for me.

Michael Whitehouse

That money gets you a fully loaded VW Passat TDI with the same gas mileage, more space, better ride. In fact, that car holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for highest recorded gas mileage at 77.99. Keep your hybrid. I'll take my TDI.

I Don't Think So

I paid $1500 for my 1996 Ford Escort. It is completely paid for, gets 37 mpg, the insurance is $17 per month, and I only have to change one battery at a time.


@Michael Whitehouse
You forgot to mention numerous trips to dealer that sold along your VW TDI. Unfortunately all the mileage savings will go into repairs. And Guinness Book is not included with the owner's manual.

@I Don't Think So
Exactly. But I still think you overpaid for the Escort unless it is the one with 1.8L Mazda engine.


Yer TDI also uses diesel, which is more expensive, not as available, and VWs are no where near as reliable. Nice try, tho.

I can't imagine so

I don't think so: you drive a car almost 20 years old that's nearing its life span. Get a clue and get over yourself. No one is in the market for a '96 Escort, let alone people who have money to spend.


it better be priced more in line with a ford fusion hybrid. the main competion.


Sound like a very nice car for those shopping the 35k+ price range. To the VW bashers above I have both a hybrid and TDI sport wagon, the hybrid is a few hundred less in fuel cost but the VW has not been trouble prone through the first 60k miles. It is more engaging to drive and with diesel torque it devours mountains with barely a downshift. The hybrid battery depletes up hills and the CVT then has to let the engine rev more.


Mikey whitehouse,
If you could get another 21 mpg extra out of that stinking rattletrap in city driving you would equal the mileage of the prius. You forgot to mention that your piece of junk needs a full tank of urea to clean the toxic emissions. VW will sell you some for $30 a gallon .

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