2014 Dodge Dart: What's Changed


Most significant changes: 2.4-liter four-cylinder available on more models; more standard features for Limited

Price change: No change on SE or GT models; SXT increases $500, Aero by $600 and Limited up $3,000

On sale: Late fall

Which you should buy, 2013 or 2014? 2013; with prices going up and an abundance of them on dealer lots, shoppers should consider the 2013 unless they want the 2.4-liter engine

The Dart debuted for 2013 to revive a long-dormant Dodge model name with an upscale interior and lots of customization options. Shoppers didn't seem to like all the choices, so for 2014, Dodge is reshuffling the features you get with each trim level. And a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine becomes more widely available on the compact sedan.

The Limited model's price climbs by $3,000 to $23,990. Prices are unchanged from 2013 on the SE at $16,990 and the GT at $21,990, but they increase by $500 on the SXT to $19,490 and $600 on the Aero to $20,990 (all prices include a $995 destination charge).

The 2.4-liter engine was a late addition for 2013, arriving with the GT model (originally supposed to be called the R/T). For 2014, this 184-horsepower engine becomes standard on the SXT and Limited models as well. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder remains standard on the base Dart SE, and the Aero still uses a turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder.

Among the new standard features on the Limited are a six-speed automatic transmission (a $1,250 option last year), keyless entry and push-button start, leather upholstery, heated front seats and steering wheel, sunroof, navigation system and the Uconnect system with an 8.4-inch touch-screen.

Dodge says 2014 models will go on sale in the third quarter (late fall).

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I guess Dodge/Fiat has their hands full trying to sell these cars. I rarely see one on the roads around me and they've been on sale for how long? Resembling the Neon a little probally isn't helping either.


This car is a joke. Even old looking Cruze is better.


This makes me sad that the 1.4L engine will not be available on more trims. My Dart with the 1.4L turbo has been a great engine and has delivered the advertised fuel economy.


I have a 2013 Dart in Header orange and I love it. I think it is a great car and gets great gas mileage. I also owned a neon in the past and loved it too. Maybe that is why I like the Dart so much. I do have the 2.4 engine in mine and it is quite zippy....I think this change will be great.


I really like the way people bring up Neon when they talk about Dart - "Resembling the Neon", " I also owned a neon in the past and loved it too"
When in fact, Neon has nothing to do with Dart, which is essentially an Italian car.


If you're looking for FE, the Dart Aero gets better than its EPA rating of 41hwy on 93 octane, and can easily be tweaked for 46hwy. Quirky yes but way more fun than any hybrid. I'm averaging over 40mpg COMBINED -- here's my Dart on Fuelly.com: http://www.fuelly.com/driver/checker99/dart

Joe B

Best small car on market. Love the dart. Only small car in that price range with some balls.


make a srt 4 version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!


I love my Dodge Dart. You wont find car that is that amazing for that price. People who trash this car just haven't owned it. Dont talk trash if you really know NOTHING. I have won 36 races in my Dart SXT 2.0.


I just bought the 2014 Dart GT with Sun and Sound Package and Hyperblack Rims, I love it!I test drove- 2014 Lancer GT (starts at a high price, surprisingly powerful, awd, but not the best value for what you get, plus higher cost of ownership)Toyota Camry is nice but feels like an older car (I'm 23 and want something youthful)Toyota Corolla also didn't have a great price and lack of features and a bit boring to drive. Scion TC was just crappy and overpriced, not impressive at all and they are still doing the same styling of the interior they've been using since 2007 so don't waste the money. The "sport" handling isn't that great either. The Dart was perfect for me in every way possible, and it is surprisingly powerful-it has the same engine as 2014 Jeep Cherokee- it really does have a nice acceleration to it. Just a wonderful car and a good price especially if you wait for incentives and do your research! It catches everyone's eye around here!


I have the 2013 Dart,1.4 turbo,6 spd. dual dry clutch auto.Bought it new in Feb. 2013.The little turbo has really hustles,all the power you need plus.Ride and handling is super nice.I have used only 87 octane,and have gotten as much as 42,2 miles per gallon highway,with 3 adults,1 dog,and loade with luggage.No problems so far,trans takes some getting used to.I love it.


I love love love my 2013 Dart Rallye turbo

kwik kwag

Let's see.... my 2013 Dart 1.4Turbo mated with a manual 6 has the torque and fun factor of a much higher priced car. It has fully independent suspension - not make believe rear beams with twists and other excuses for non independent quality. It is super comfy and quiet, it handles highway bumps like a large car and yet handles like a sports car. I could go on. But if you never drove one, you'll never know. It is a great car, period.


the dodge dart is anything but a dodge. they were coping a ford an done a very good job at it.

Ietrice Porter

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just purchased a 2014 Dart and I absolutely love it


I've got a 2013 Dart GT, 2.4 L motor, fully loaded with every option, paying only 24,995$. A Civic SI would cost more, with no auto trans, less technology and safty features,no leather, and only 20 more horses. The Dart GT is the bomb! Everyone who sees it is impressed. It has red and black leather interior, which is super sharp looking, excellent Alpine surround system, etc. Yes, power wise it's not a sports car, ie, Viper. However, for a sporty compact, it's got plenty of punch. Gas milage is a little low (20ish) around town, however, it does pick up quick on the hiway (30mpg on longer trips).
184hp at 174ft lb torque, lets the dart hold it's own very nicely around town and on the hiway. I'm more than happy with mine.

matthew hull

i have a 2013 laguna blue ralleye and love it. It is nothing like a neon. way better and nicer. I get 32 miles a gallon. Memory foam seats storage in glove box and under passenger seat. Back up camera sunroof and hyper black rims.Six speed auto clutchless and dual exaust. I love the look and the way it drives. Better the any other car out there now.


Remember, the Dart is inspired by Fiat technology. It's a combo of Dodge and Fiat, and it's a blast to drive! I love my 2013 2.0 Auto. Zoom zoom! (Oh wait, wrong brand)

I have a 2013 Dart and it looks nothing like Dodge Neon. This car has 42,000 and not one bit of trouble. Gets avg 34 miles to a gallon using regular gas. The only thing which I was glad that I purchased a 2013 was for 1.4 turbo engine. Now I notice you can not find that engine in the limited.

angela c BOOTH

I bought a 2014 dodge dart on October 23, 2014. I loved the fuel mileage. I had it less than a month and the check engine light came on. Took to dealer told it had codes needing update and airflow leak. Told gas cap needs to be tightened.

December 20,2014 check engine light came on told tighten gas cap. It took 3 days for check engine light to go off.

January 8 2015 freeezing car cuts off middle of road will not crank with my children. check engine light and lighting bolt light came on, took to dealer told 2nd time codes need updating.

January 22 2015 check gas cap light comes and check engine light comes on . I tighten gas cap light does not go off. I take to dealer and was told gas cap was not tight flashed codes and cleaned gas cap

Why is light still coming on

what mother wants to be in a car that cuts off in the middle of the road and want crank

who wants to pay a payment on a car thAT STAYS BROKE DOWN AND YOU CAN NOT DEPEND ON

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