Toyota Cancels Matrix

Citing a renewed focus on its redesigned-for-2014 Corolla sedan, Toyota confirmed that model-year 2013 will be the last year for its Matrix hatchback.

"With a strong lineup of both Scion and Toyota compact and subcompact hatchback models available, along with the new Corolla this fall, both brands will be well equipped to address a wide range of consumer needs in their respective segments," Toyota spokesperson Maurice Durand told

When the hatchback debuted for model-year 2003, it shared a platform with the now-obsolete Pontiac Vibe. Discontinuing it now makes sense, since the Matrix also shared components with the previous-generation Corolla. Poor sales also make killing the hatchback a no-brainer; according to Durand, the Matrix accounted for only 0.2% share of its segment sales.

The compact hatchback is doing well in other markets, however. "The Matrix model will continue to be offered in Canada, where it is manufactured and continues to enjoy popularity with consumers," Durand said.

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If gas prices here were what they are in Canada, the Matrix would be more popular. Alas, it will be missed. I liked this car.


I had no idea they were still making it. I thought it died around the same time as Pontiac.


I find it interesting when a manufacturer cites "poor sales" as a reason to discontinue a car but they haven't updated the design for several years. "Death by neglect" would be a more fitting reason.


This car is a POS. Good idea, but bad execution. This is why it didn't sell.

So we are in the matrix :o

Ken L.

Maybe now everyone can stop complaining about Toyota lumping Matrix sales with Corolla figures...

The model seems beautiful, its moving to the next step, but need something more...


Ken L., It was originally labeled a Toyota Corolla Matrix and also as Pontiac Vibe. It was built as a joint effort between Toyota and GM.
I drove my Mom's 2003 from north of Boston, to Long Island New York in Summer 2003 and was quite impressed. Impressed enough to purchase a 2004 Vibe...which turned 110,000 miles last week !
I have replaced a windshield, which broke at the 1st service on the dealers lift, a set of tires and 2 sets of brake pads/shoes and rotors in the almost 10 years I've owned this car.
Lots of oil changes too, but otherwise it has been bullet proof reliability wise.
If I ever consider another vehicle for a NEW purchase, Toyota is right at the top of the list. If they keep the Corolla line going, it will be my choice. B.


They had been neglecting the car for way too long...
Gone were the good XRS of the 1st gen due to failing to meet the emissions.
2nd gen's S trim just doesn't cut it, not to mention all those de-contents over the years.


Hey Toyota- now is the time to bring back the Toyota COROLLA ALLTRAC WAGON. You had a winner in that vehicle, then in the Matrix AWD, now is the time to resurrect this idea in your current model lineup to fill the void.


My husband has the matrix and loves it! It has over 200,000 miles on it and is still going strong. Can't believe they axed this model :-(
We are looking to trade 2 cars in on another matrix and shocked they've discontinued them.

peter Martin

The Matrix was so dependable it killed itself. You bought it,drove it, gave it to the kids, you kept it. Like the Suburu, just not sexy

Mike Jaeger

We own a 2004 Matrix w/auto transmission and cruise. Really like the car, and it has only 48,000 plus miles on it. We do use the car all the time in town and on occasion, put it on the highway. We bought a 2014 XLE Camry Hybrid. If the weather is bad, or we take the dog with us, the Matrix goes on the road. Love both vehicles.

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