Smart ForTwo Tops List of Most Embarrassing Cars


Drive a Smart ForTwo and you have one of the most embarrassing cars in America, according to a new survey by

The Foster City, Calif., company asked 1,500 drivers age 25 and older to pick the most embarrassing car from a gallery of 12 current or recent vehicles: the Chevrolet HHR, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Nissan Cube, Smart ForTwo and Volkswagen New Beetle hatchbacks; the Chevrolet SSR and Subaru Baja pickup trucks; the Honda Element, Hummer H2 and Pontiac Aztek SUVs; the Lincoln Town Car sedan; and the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet convertible.

Respondents were asked to deem each car embarrassing or not and then ranked the three most embarrassing. The ForTwo pulled an ’84 Reagan — it won by a landslide. (Or it lost by a landslide, depending how you see it, in which case it pulled an ’84 Mondale.) Nearly half of the respondents said they’d be embarrassed to drive Smart’s tiny hatchback, and a third said it was the most embarrassing car. The survey allowed respondents to specify a reason, including write-in options. "It looks like I couldn’t afford a real car," says one respondent wrote.

A distant second was the Nissan Cube, followed by the Hummer H2, Chevrolet SSR and Volkswagen New Beetle. We have to agree with the options; after all, we’ve named some of them the ugliest cars on the road and others — like the ForTwo — the worst.

"I was really kind of shocked," Des Toups, the website’s managing editor, told us. "We gave options because everybody can look at pretty much any car and find a reason to put it on a list like that."

Toups thought the PT Cruiser would win out. But its ubiquity may have blunted the disdain. Chrysler sold the iconic hatchback from 2000 to 2011 (the car spanned the 2001 to 2010 model years), according to Automotive News, and the nameplate accounted for 1.05 million cars in that span. That’s more than 16 times the total from Smart’s five years and counting.

As for car colors and accessories, survey respondents named purple (17% of the vote), bright yellow (16%) and orange (13%) as the most embarrassing car colors, though the answer "depends on the car" (38%) beat any specific color. Headlight eyelashes walked away as the most embarrassing car accessory, garnering 34% of the vote. The next two runners-up — "Fast and Furious"-style spoilers and a bumper sticker for a losing political candidate — combined for 33%.

So if you drive a purple car with headlight eyelashes and a giant aluminum spoiler, you might have something as embarrassing as a ForTwo. But a Mondale '84 sticker would really put you over the top.

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seems like a fickle survey that didn't even need to be conducted...shows how bad our reality show obsesses society has gotten...


Let's see, I drive a bright yellow car and have never been embarrased to drive it. I previously owned an orange car and was also never embarrased. My daughter has a VW Beetle hatchback (yellow) and I'm completely embarassed to drive it (to the repair shop, which is too often). I don't understand why the Hummer H2 would be embarrasing. As for the other cars on the list, they're just ugly.


Actually I'm very embarrassed in my smart so I had the windows tinted and I always drive it home in the dark.

What a silly survey....


It's embarrassing that anyone would even consider a Hummer H2 (or worse, an H3). It's Hummer marketing to soccer moms with low self-esteem and teen girls with rich daddies.


"Nearly half of the respondents said they’d be embarrassed to drive Smart’s tiny hatchback, and a third said it was the most embarrassing car."

Or to word it another way,

"Over half of the respondents would not be embarrassed to drive the Smart ForTwo, and two thirds didn't think it was the most embarrassing car."

Spin it Kelsey.


Guys who drive hummers, are the same guys who but those "Two Extra Inches" tablets.....


Town Cars are only embarrassing because they are the best mob cars. U could get rubbed off!!!

Wendy in MO

I like the Smartcar Fortwo...
It's a cool little car for ditty-boppin' around town. I don't have one, but it could be on next shopping list.


Well as long as there are idiots who are dumb enough to buy these stupid looking cars, these dumbass companies will keep on manufacturing them. They're probably the same idiots who put a "community leader" in the white house!


Jeeps are stupid and ugly.


exelis and DMcClune- it's interesting how the armchair psychoanalysts come out of the woodwork when SUVs, especially Hummers, are discussed. How about maybe people buy the cars they do because they like the styling, functionality, room, comfort, fuel economy, image, or some combination of those? I know, an amazing concept, right? Their purchase is none of your business. The "people you know" who fit whatever psych profile you made up are statistically insignificant. And no, I don't own any of the vehicles listed.


I have a classic,"egg yolk" YELLOW Focus hatch which rather than "embarrass" me, makes me feel SAFER and smarter because, like school buses and highway dept. vehicles, I WANT TO BE VISIBLE IN TRAFFIC so if I make a wrong move I'm less likely to be run into!

Contrasting colors also HELP OTHER DRIVERS and pedestrians, especially those with vision problems,see my car at intersections & driveways!

Far from being embarrassed I'm PROUD that I'm smart enuf to figure this out UNLIKE the herds of STUPID PEOPLE who drive GREY/SILVER "colored" cars (because Dumya Bush told them to??)

Grey cars are very annoying because they blend in with guardrails, pavement, rain & fog They're harder to see until they suddenly get IN FRONT OF ME!! :(

HEY CLUE-LESS AMERICA attention!! - GREY is an UNDERCOAT, A PRIMER not a logical TOPCOAT! Grey is for things meant to be CONCEALED like satellite dishes,tombstones and battleships. MOTOR VEHICLES NEED TO BE VISIBLE - DUH, DUH, DUHH !!

Nancy Craig

I am an 81 year old lady and I have Smart for two which I love. It gets 46 mpg, that's stupid??? I am a widow and it holds everything I need to carry. Call it what you like, I call it great!

Nancy Craig

I get many compliments on my car and people are surprised that I bought it on Ebay. Many want to sit in it and say they love it. I actually have a PT Cruiser also, with fake bullet holes, it's a hoot.


I dont think that Smart ForTwo is an embarrasing car,I had one 2007 model iwht 84hp,awsome car,only drawback is the semiautomatic gearbox,otherwise car was like a little rocket :)

My last car was a smart. My new one is a Toyota IQ (Scion).

Lucky I am in Ireland!!!

Peter Lewis

I'm daft enough to own an drive one,for the simple reason is that I have the Diesel Cdi model, the one everyone wants in the US,but Mercedes have thought wise not to sell over there.

I regularly get over 80 mpg on long journeys,and remember the Uk gallon is larger than the Us.

I pay no car tax,and running it on a daily basis is ever so cheap.

That's why I own and drive a Smart,



You don't deserve to hold this job any longer. For 2 reasons. 1) the Hummer H2 is in no circles whatsoever an embarrassing car to drive. No need to explain myself. It's obvious.
2) you plagiarized the article, did you not ?
I believe it was on autobytel that I read the same article and it may have been dated well before yours.
I will gladly step up and replace your sorry butt.


Mine saves me an hour each way on my commute out of Manhattan for work, gets a $500 discount monthly at the valet garage on my block, has great steering, breaks and visibility on the road. It's easy to hop into and out of, has large and comfortable seats, keeps me cool and unflustered commuting in NYC in summer, and warm and dry in winter. It's a great little car. The service center in Manhattan is excellent.

Cruiser loser

Wish I still had my purple cruiser to be embaressed about. Blew two head gaskets after 10 years and only 135000 miles

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