Recall Alert: 2011-2012 Chevrolet Cruze

General Motors is recalling 292,879 model-year 2011-2012 versions of the Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan due to a problem with the brakes, the automaker reported today.

The affected vehicles are equipped with the 1.4-liter engine and six-speed automatic transmission. In these sedans, a loss of brake assist could occur, forcing the driver to exert extra pressure on the brake pedal. "GM is aware of 27 alleged low-speed crashes but no injuries related to brake performance, which could include this issue," the automaker said in a statement. GM also said that vehicles with other engine and transmission combinations aren't affected.

Chevrolet has not yet provided an owner notification schedule, but dealers will remove and replace a microswitch in the power brake vacuum pipe assembly for free. Owners can call Chevrolet at 866-694-6546 for more information.

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Ron staten

The brakes have failed several times on my cruze and the micro switch has been replaced twice. After replacing the switch the car was fine for one year and the brakes failed again . After our lease is up next next year we will r never by another Chevy cruze of any car that this type of brake assist. Very poor design. Also, how do you know the replacement switch will be any better than what is currently on your car. We are very upset about this issue and our Chevy dealer did not believe we had a problem because there was no recall at this time, so they just gave the car back and said they would monitor the the problem. After it happened the second time we demanded a fix.
This car is an accident just waiting to happen.
It took over two years and 27 accidents to finely see Chevy issue a recall, shame on you Gm


That's why you should buy Japanese car and if you can't afford one then look at Korean brands.

Rebecca Kirby

I called today about my breaks after me and my 2 kids were almost side swiped backing down my driveway ( its a hill driveway too) went to stop because car was coming and the brake wouldn't stop the car after slowing car down enough and pulling up ebrake I was able to stop! Didn't know about recall until today but was told that they don't even have the part yet and to just be careful when driving!! Really??? So now I'm terrified to drive it !! Not safe at all


When I called my dealer to inquire about this recall I was told the recall was for the emergency brake! What?????? If the dealer doesn't even know what the recall is really for how are they going to fix it? I was told parts aren't available yet we'll call you.

Latricia Lewis

My 2011 Cruze have so many problem brakes sometime it seem like it don't want to stop the back seat making noise went you sit down taken it back about three time making noise on the front end of the car went you driven and stopping the car the tranemission is jerking today two warning lights display on the dash still on went I turn the car off the fan still run I need a new car because this car costing today problems


I too have told the Chevy dealer about this braking problem and have had no result. I actually stumbled over this recall notice looking for brake pads for my car. I hate to say it but I honestly am reconsidering ever buying a US made car again. GM has a horrible fix for a splash pan underneath your engine. They just cut out and remove a whole section and leave your engine exposed to the elements. I had to buy GM redesigned splash pan parts and replace them on my own if I wanted the engine even partially covered!
You can certainly tell that the threat of General Motors closing its doors is over! The arrogance at the corporate level with recalls and dealership service personnel is definitely rising!


Recently while pulling into a parking lot at a local restaurant, my 2011 Cruze suddenly accelerated forward (even though the brake was fully 100% depressed. It jumped a paarking block, tore down a handicapped sign and ran into the corner of the restaurant. My local chevy dealer is refusing to replace the brake micro switch, citing that there is not official recall at the present time.

Alicia Aguilar

I have had this problem as well, and also came across this information while looking for break pads prices. I've had issues with my 2012 Chevy Cruze. It "kicks" and stalls when taking off at no matter what speed. I have taken my car for service about 4 times. I was given the run around. A service tech even told me it was the turbo but my car doesn't have turbo! I'm NOT satisfied with this car nor Chevrolet Montebello nor Felix Chevrolet. I've had 2 incidents where almost got in to car accidents. They don't seem to care. All I was told was to " keep on eye on it"

paula douglas

First and last time buying a chevy. Going back to german made and staying. What? Ten recalls since introducing the cruise? American made cars are true to reputation-junk!!


no wonder you don not see cruze cars on the highway because they are crap... how many recalls can they have it is crazy... just had my car in the shop 3 weeks ago for recall and other problems now they have another recall i am sick of this... should of bought a ford focus


Same issue! I knew something was wrong with my brakes because I had to push them really hard to make a complete stop. I had an oil change and was told my brakes were fine. Then I got this recall notice about a month later. I took my car back to Chevy and they gave me a loaner car until further notice. Of course there are no parts available. I called them today to see about getting into a different car because I've only had my Cruze for 8 months and out of those 8 months its been in the shop for 1 month.


Wow, I have the Cruze 2011 and I love it. My dealers have always been great!! Have never had an issue, always have gotten impeccable service, both in Florida and PA, so sorry you people are so unhappy. When the dealer has the part they will fix it, my brakes were just inspected in NY and they are fine, just drove from NY to Fl, had no issues.


Diane, the recall was for the 2012 models of the Chevy Cruze. I guess you got lucky by getting the 2011. I love my Cruze also but not the problems that I have had with it.


The recall is for 2011-2012. I had the same issue as well with the acceleration and the braking. I have owned foreign cars for the past 10 years and never any issues but this GM is horrible. My car has turbo and yet nobody at the dealership can tell me why slow to accelerate and slow to brake. Fix the issue, it will cause more havoc if not handle now. I bet many have never even reported the issue thinking it was there driving causing this issue. I am glad to hear everyone that has had a close call is okay and safe. Be cautious, I know I am with my girls each day. I am going back to Honda, Best Car Ever!


So many of these comments are full of nonsense and misinformation. We have had no problems with our 11 Cruze and are scheduled to have the recall taken care of. I am proud to support an American company that employs Americans in good jobs rather than buy Korean or Japanese products that contribute to joblessness and trade deficits in this country.

william Gray

My 2012 Cruze has had a defective brake module replaced at 4000 miles, but overall this has been a very reliable car. So far at 18,000 miles I have had far fewer problems than my wife has had with her BMW 330CI.


I haven't lost my brakes yet. But have had 2 other annoying problems. Only had my 2011 Cruze 7 months and the hvac sensor had to be reset. I couldn't turn the heat off, even turning the ac on didn't help. The car go so hot inside I probably could've baked cookies in it. Then only 1 year after having it the trans sensor failed. I was going 40mph and all of a sudden had no power. I had to go up hill, had the gas pedal to the floor and was only going 22mph, with the trans straining and not shifting.


Oh that's right. I forgot about the other problem I had. I went to leave work, started the car and it was bucking so much I thought the doors were going to fall off. I also had stalling problems when I started the car. Went to dealership and was told it was probably from bad gas. This went on for a month. I was told to use BP or Shell. I was using Sunoco. I switch back and forth from Sunoco and BP. The problem seems to have corrected itself. My 2002 Ford Focus runs best on Sunoco so what gives. Should've gotten another Focus. The Focus is the best car I've ever owned!!


I've always had foreign made cars, German engineered, until I became a real adult and finally had to pay for it myself. I bought my first 2007 Chevy Impala because I wanted something that didn't cost lots to maintain. I never had any issues, and after putting 160,000 miles on it I bought my next car, a 2012 Cruze because I wanted to stick w/Chevy. Still no problems, and brought it in for a normal oil change and the dealer mentioned the recall on the brakes so at is getting done now too. Btw the impala is still in great condition too!


We have a 2011 Cruze with almost 40k miles, best car we've ever had. All I do is change oil and rotate tires. That's all I can do during the few times it's home. The car is so reliable and fun to drive it's never home...somebody's always driving it. I'll get a Cruze in a NY minute and right now am looking at the new 2014 Chevy Siverado!


2012 chevy cruze with 50000 miles on it. I have so many problems with this car its not even funny. All electrical as well. Radio cuts in and out. Dash lights up like a Christmas tree with all the warning signals flashing on and off. Power steering goes in and out. Almost been in a couple wrecks because of this. It will just stop working out of nowhere and then come back. Everything about these cars are junk and I was planning on buying a new Silverado but not now.


I received a notice that currently, while it is a safety issue, there are no parts available to fix my safety issue with the brakes on my 2011 Cruze. This is the third recall on this vehicle; it will be my last Chevrolet


I have a 2011 Cruze 1.4 turbo, with only 14,000 KM. On my dash the red light sensor flashes 24/7. I read the manual, it mentions to turn the headlights off,but the sensor just keeps on flashing. I thing that GM should keep it simple and not get to fancy with the transmission automatic and forget about the 6 speed nonsense.


My 2011 Cruze has been nothing but trouble since the first month we had it!!! Its been through 2 Thermostats, a water pump, 3 valve covers, 3 PCV's 2 TCM's, 1 steering control module, 2 or 3 computers, oil return line that goes to the turbo, and several other things i ccan't recall without looking at the 2 Inch stack of service papers! NEVER BUY A CRUZE!!!! I was taking my son to the babysitter when the steering completely locked up, the car shut itself off, and the brakes failed as I was driving down the highway about to merge lanes since mine was ending. I came 3 Inches from hitting a guard rail and I would have if I hadn't pulled the hand brake In time! it has 70,000 miles on it now and several times it fails to start for unknown reasons, and we've had problems with oil leaks for a long time from the PCV.... its a PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A CAR!!!! For every repair, it has had to be fixed twice, and the shop has been its second home since we've had it.... should have took out the lemon law when we had a chance, but we thought "maybe GM will work with us." HELL NO!!! They just say its "normal wear and tear." Ha!

angel ybarra

I have a 2011 Cruze that has had several recalls and the dealer has had to replace a seized thermostat and waterpump, and a condenser and add abrock shield, then they had to cut the heatshield and did not replace it with amodified one. Now the throtle body needs repair. And it is not covered by the powertrain warranty? Why does GM make us believe in the 5yr./100kmile warranty. They should stop selling lemons.

Jim Kelly

i have 72,000 miles on my 2012 Chevy cruze LTZ,with no issues. Great car. I still have the original brakes and only had to replace tires.I also have a 2003 chevy Impala with 175,000 still running Great.


I will be very specific about my Cruze issues. My complaints r of life threatening issues. 3 times my brakes have failed. I have had the car less than one year. The brakes failed twice in the town I love in- a residential area with many children, cross walks, drives etc. Once as I was attempting to break in front of pedestrians in a cross walk- I was only driving 10 mph and the breaks would NOT engage. I drove onto the side of the road- which has a side walk! With no people... Finally the breaks engaged no one was hurt. Once in a line of traffic out side of school drop off- the breaks just did not engage and I nearly hit the Toyota in front of me but I drove off onto the side of the road-which had a side walk. Once in Philadelphia on the Ben Franklin bridge. Breaking for the slow down to turn off on HWY 70- the breaks did not engage and I had to to perform fancy driving to get control. I suggest the Cruze is insanely irresponsible car. If someone is killed by it's malfunctions how can that be lived with? I hope the cars r taken off the road soon. I always drove Hondas and never had safety issues- I plan to return to honda.


Chevy Cruizes are crap! Had a 2012 that had thermostat replaced for 600.00 out of pocket. Two months later turbo went out under warranty. I never even knew I had turbo!!! Traded car in immediately for a Honda......


I have had my 2012 Cruze since the day they came out on the lot. I know how 64k miles on it and not 1 single issue at all!!!! I love my little car. I work in the car business for a finance company so I hear/know about all of the recalls and problems vehicles have. People stop paying car payments for cars that do not run. EVERY company out there has issues and always will. Everybody says buy Japanese or Korean!? Look up their recalls! I will never purchase a non American car. Our economy is falling apart as it is why contribute?

Carmen Tillson

I will never buy a GM product again. Have been complaining about a "crunching" noise after starting my 2012 Cruze ever sense I bought it. Low and behold they could never hear it, then one day they could hear it, decided it was the started-changed that-nope not the answer. Has something to do with the fly wheel GM is "working" on a fix. been 2 years now still sounds like crap and was told that I should fell lucky that it's still running from the dealer.


I was in a slow speed accident where my brakes would just not stop me completely despite my pressing hard on the brakes (wish I would have thought to use the parking brake!). Now my insurance is increased by $100 a month, and I think it was most likely due to the issue that is being ! recalled. Darn!


I have a 2012 Chevy Cruse with turbo. I had the brake module fixed back in December...but for the last 3 months I've had issues with the brakes while backing out of my garage or out of parking spaces. I'm calling my dealer tomorrow and plan to have them replace the module AGAIN!

Bradley Strickland

Has anybody ever investigated how many of these Cruze parts that have problems are made in China? If you buy an off brand Chinese electronic device you will have 50 to 75% chance it will be defective. Look at the tires on Cruze Hanhook - Chinese made - they are crap leak, out of round etc. GM is big in China what do you think the C in GMC stands for? The Chinese government demanded that GM share all manufacturing designs and secrets before they could sell and make cars in China. So don't you think they would make all of their small eletronics and car parts in China by poor quality parts manufacturers and cheap labor? The bean counters are in charge not engineers and quality people. Maximize the profits by a few dollars, and a few people get killed in these cars who cares? GM made a few million dollars more and only had to pay out a few hundred thousand in settlements. So now you see the picture! Korean and Japanese cars are crap also. Their quality is a myth. GM makes good trucks but can seem to make a quality compact car which is unreasonable.

Daniel Kummer

I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze and it's great. My dealer is responsive although all it's needed is oil changes and even those are full synthetic at 8-10000 miles.
Still on original breaks at 54,000 miles and had them checked regularly. Changed tires to Michelin defender today and it provides a smoother ride. One recall early in ownership for firewall was fixed immediately by dealer no issues. Great handling car averages 33 MPG and 38 on highway as advertised. Japanese and German cars are recalled to if you ride some you will feel differences in all cars. The comments here often sound intent on ripping anything as an American problem which is garbage...heck most Toyotas and Hondas are made in the USA (that are sold here).

Daniel Kummer

The other thing that cracks me up is some people on here don't know the meaning of antilock brakes...hilarious!

Sara Grogan

Today June 5 2014 my 2012 Chevy Cruze accelerated as I was stopping at an intersection. No Matter how hard I pressed the brake pedal it would not stop and continued straight through the intersection. It's at the dealership and I don't much will be done.

concerned momma

I have a 2012 chevy cruze got the early recall fixed no problem. Recently the brakes have been going out I go to stop and the car just keeps going! The transmission keeps shifting hard especially when slowing down for a stop. I took it to the dealer they said nothing was wrong and that I could bring it back if it kept having issues. I am still having issues but they won't do anything!!! I have a small child and I sure as heck don't want her in the car nor do I want to pay for a car I don't feel safe in!!! My husband is calling Chevy but if they don't do something I am going to work on getting it lemon titled. I have nothing against Chevy but seriously just fix my car!!


I have a 2012 cruize and had it one year without problems and everything started going wrong. Similar to a post I read my dash board would light up saying service stability track and my radio would go off. I've had my car not come back on after turning it off. I've taken it in twice and the first time they said it was my fuse box and the second time they couldn't tell me the problem but reprogrammed my car...


the issue with the radio and dashboard going blank was an issue with the grounding cable to the battery (battery to ground) replaced and haven't had the issue since

Robert Young

I have read all posts and came to a couple of conclusions:
1. those who extoll the virtues of the Cruze work for/own a dealership/GM - otherwise;
2. perhaps all the problems may be from the Ohio plant where mine was manufactured?
I bought CHRISTINE Cruze in 12/10 and have had continual problems with virtually everything EXCEPT (thank GOD) the brakes! the sorry 6 speed tranny died @ 30K miles; cheap AC Delco battry died at 35K which was replaced (under BTB warranty) with an equally cheap 30 month AC/D.
Conclusions: GM learned nothing from BKL; totally irresponsible company. Sadly, I will have to dump this junker for a QUALITY foreign made car (PDQ)

got suckerd

I got a 12 cruze because they said that was all my credit would allow but if I kept it a year I could trade it in on what I really wanted and now over a year later I can't find a dealer or finance company to even talk about trade in I guess I stuck with a unsafe shiny turd the car has been a lie from day one I have always been a gm person but no more I think should have option to give back they mess up we pay for it and all the recalls some how don't have parts down this way I could go on for twenty pages but in short bad service and JUNK product sincerely the one you suckerd


Bought my wife 2012 cruze in sept of 2012never had any probs got the recall letter took it in no problems also have a 2008 silverado HD 4x4,2002 silverado 4x4 2006 silverado 2wd and a 53 chevy belair never had a problem.with either.other than a dead battery depends on youre driving habbits i guess,I'm Mexican American and I'm all for supporting our domestic economy wont ever see none of my family ever driving anything but American


My 2011 Chevy Cruze has issues with slow acceleration which dealership told me thats to save the transmission? REALLY? I would prefer to save myself than my transmission and avoid getting hit when pulling out due to slow(no) response. Second issue with the car is the brakes (recall work has been performed) this goes way beyond having anti lock braking system.


GM cares for no one. DOT refuses to act.
BBB useless.
lemonizing your car in court useless. You have to prove how it devalued your car.
23 MPG on the highway since I bought it.
windshield wiper linkage fail at 70k miles in the pouring rain. valve cover failed 30k miles. GM just brushes you off. I don't know why we bailed them out.
NYS let lets big business get away with anything they want

Trev Koche

I bought a 2011 Cruze new and have had nothing but problems with it. It has been in for major repairs 18+ times exceding $20,000. Add too all if the recall items too. You name it, trans, ejectors, total fuel system, blown coils, blow spark plugs, dead battery due to electronic issues, broken axle found after 7 visits. Dead dash. They had it 80+ days for repairs and now I can't trade it in because it has too extensive repair list like that is my fault !!! 4 times I have merely turned the key to start and have a $2000 repair result. Now they tell me today they have done enough and feel they owe me nothing. I can't sell it nor trade it so I guess it is a shiney flowerpot.


Has anyone had a problem with the key getting stuck in the ignation.

Trev Koche

Looking thru my repairs I forgot a few more. Front struts both changed, lower control arm, gas tank straps, hard trans upshift, front shaft seperation, miss in engine. Add all of this to the above list entry.
No I haven't had the key stuck yet but I bet it is coming soon. Save yourself a problem and shoot a short shot of wd40 in the ignition.

Carrie Walker

2011.. 3 water pumos..motor the turbo glows red and the heat distorted the plastic valve cover. Total junk... no more gm cars

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