Kia's Hamsters Hit the Gym With Lady Gaga

Kia's Soul is getting a makeover for 2014 and so are the car's mascots. The portly fur-balls are hitting the gym in the automaker's newest ad. Although Kia's compact hatchback grows slightly bigger inside and out, the hamsters slim down in the spot, titled "Totally Transformed."

Kia's been relying on funky fur to sell cars since 2009, and it doesn't sound like the automaker has plans to change its ad campaign anytime soon. "When the first Soul arrived on the scene, everyone at Kia believed we had a hit on our hands but we didn't realize how big that hit was going to be, and our year-over-year success is a direct result of the hamster commercials entertaining the young and young-at-heart with their baggy clothes, excellent taste in music and slick dance moves," Michael Sprague, Kia's spokesman, said in a statement.

With Lady Gaga headlining the new commercial, however, the hamsters' taste this time is questionable, but the Soul's past sales success is not. It's been a strong seller for the brand since its debut. The updated for 2014 Kia Soul goes on sale this fall.

Kia's Hamsters Bring Down the Opera House
2014 Kia Soul at the 2013 New York Auto Show
2014 Kia Soul: Photo Gallery

By Jennifer Geiger | August 27, 2013 | Comments (5)
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Very fun commercial for sure, still not a fan of the car thought.


Love the video, love the Soul... and the hamsters might be responsible for making me love the Gaga song.

Dee G

Love My Kia Soul!!!


They look like Biker Mice from Mars. Hamsters were cuter.

I have a Kia Soul from the mileage lemon years - since that was the main reason I bought it, my view of the car is clouded. It's cute, drives okay, has some nice features in the Exclaim! Model, but I miss the space in my Element.

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