How to Manage a Flat Tire


It's funny about flat tires: They never seem to occur at a convenient moment. Invariably, you're either headed to an important appointment or coming back after some long, exhausting affair. A blowout isn't going to improve anyone's day, but you can take steps to minimize your misery after that heart-deflating moment you hear the telltale sound of rubber slapping the road. Follow the link below for our list of do's and don'ts when facing flat, and you'll be back on your way as soon — and as safely — as possible.

Car Disasters: Flat Tire While Driving

By Matt Schmitz | August 3, 2013 | Comments (2)
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From the article...
"Don't use instant tire sealants when repairing the damaged tire. They only prevent the quick dispersal of air rather than adequately plugging the puncture. They are useful if you are going to drive less than five miles at low speeds to get to a repair facility."

So what are you saying to owners of vehicles which don't include spare tires but have sealant kits? Either this article is really old or someone hasn't done their homework.

Some things to remember when changing a tire are, Make sure your completely off the road, and never by any mean get under your car while it is jacked up. just some hopefully helpful hints from your Maryland Tire Depot Dealer. Remember stay safe, and change your tires regularly

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