How to Choose the Right Tire


Are you a performance fanatic only interested in low-profile tires that offer the most precise handling, or do you prefer to feel and hear imperfections in the road as little as possible? Do you instead want the safest-possible tires for winter, and are you willing to change them out for a summer set when the mercury rises? Or perhaps you're the type who prefers to slap some all-seasons on your car and be done with it already. Follow the link below to learn about all the varied options, and we’ll help you choose the tire you desire.

Getting the Right Tire

By Matt Schmitz | August 31, 2013 | Comments (2)


Luc de Ferran

Like to understand technology for off-road like vehicles, as Jeep and Fotd, and chinese products.

Hi Luc de Ferran I saw your comment and as a worker for I felt it was my dutie to respond. The Chinese manufacture some amazing products, but when it comes to safety (This is more opinion then fact)there are better ways to save a few bucks. If something god forbid does happen (which it has) depending on where you are located there company do not have to take any slack. if you are a small business owner like my employer it can potentially bankrupt you if again god forbid someone does get hurt, because the company wont be seen as liable but you will.
_the friendly staff at Tirehouse.com_

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