Does the Honda CR-V's all-wheel drive work in Reverse?

"Does the Honda CR-V's all-wheel drive work when in Reverse?"

Courtnye N., Fort Worth, Texas


Honda says the CR-V's all-wheel-drive system will engage in Reverse as well as in forward gears. If you have to back up to get out of an icy, sloped driveway, for example, the all-wheel drive should provide assistance.

The CR-V's all-wheel-drive system sends all power to the front wheels on smooth, dry pavement. Under low-traction conditions, the system can send up to 100% of its power to either the front or rear as needed to maximize grip. Once traction stabilizes and the vehicle is cruising, it reverts to a front-wheel-drive mode to save fuel.

The system also sends some power to the rear wheels briefly to improve traction when taking off from a standing start or accelerating from low speeds.

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By Rick Popely | August 3, 2013 | Comments (3)



A lot of winter tires are directional so they have much better traction forward than reverse. I don't know that it necessarily has AWD in forward. :-)

mike h

How can they call it a AWD if 100% of the power is going to the front wheels when dry? Isnt this 4-wd


According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, an all-wheel-drive vehicle is one with an on-demand feature that occasionally or intermittently sends power to the non-primary powered wheels. The most basic systems often begin with a front-drive platform with some kind of power-splitting differential housed inside the transmission in or in a separate box.

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