Reviews the 2014 Jeep Cherokee


When an automotive brand has just five vehicles in its lineup, adding a sixth is a big deal. When that sixth nameplate is also jumping into one of the most competitive segments in the market, the stakes are ratcheted up a notch. Slap a demonic design on a small crossover with three tiers of lights that had the internet abuzz during auto show season and the story is just that much more interesting.

Read our full review to find out if Jeep’s new Cherokee can live up to all the anticipation.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Review



I miss when the reviews had dedicated pages with real-world pictures embedded in the review page. Now the link just goes to the review tab within the vehicle main page and there is only text.

Jennifer Geiger, News Editor at

We're having technical difficulties with the review photos and hope to have them back soon.


Have been waiting a looong time for a test drive review, you did an excellent job, providing insight on actual driver experience with the 2 engines and different trim levels -- compared to other car mags like Motor Trend who *finally* drove the SUV and chose to write about factory specs and how it looks, stuff we've all known for months. This is the first test drive review I've seen published, very informative and helpful. Thank you!

Chris Filetti

I want one. I think the front styling looks better than most of the non Jeeps out there. It's not a Wrangler, but it will give me peace of mind living in the upper Midwest without the Jeep Grand Cherokee price. IMHO.


What almost all the reviewers are missing: This vehicle can be had with a low range. I need to tow my boat twice a year, up a steep ramp and up a grass hill to the storage garage. Only jeep (and I guess Nissan) offers real four wheel drive with a two speed transfer case in a smaller vehicle. I cannot do this with "all wheel drive". And I don't want a Tahoe or pickup truck. This is awesome.

Eric Litman

It looks like Steven Hawking without his chair


Absolutely Ugly, 4wd NOT 4x4, if I wanted a Kia Sportage I'd buy one.

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