Reviews the 2013 Kia Sportage

2013-kia-sportage reviewer Kelsey Mays says Kia's compact crossover is stylish and nimble, but if you're traveling with kids and gear, the Sportage isn't your best choice in this class. Many competitors offer more passenger space, cargo room and better fuel economy, Mays says.

2013 Kia Sportage Review


Yes Jennifer, Kia Sportage is not the best choice when we are traveling with kids but still its success can’t be underestimated just by this point of view. Its athletic style brings fashion and fun to the compact crossover scene.

This Kia Sportage model is looking more better than the earlier one. I hope this has more facilities than old model.

KIA sportageR CAR PAD II Newsmy

I received a new car stereo that ordered from China, then I try to make a short view:

This product was found from the link:
But I bought from factory directly, save a lot.

Start now by saying that the radio has met my expectations and their web site descriptions.
The product has a built-in WinCE but connects to an Android box ,store in a drawer, that is a real PC android with all the features.

Obviously the result is satisfied, because the other features are all standard and meet the description.
1, Adjustable RGB backlight: I have adjusted to the red as the default color of car radio.
2,Chrome trim for your car stereo as decoration.
3,1024x600 resolution:Compared with my previous radio 800*600 resolution,the resolution is truly outstanding.
4,Audio:the quality and power of sound are outstanding.
5,RDS and AF function: Running!(tested yesterday on the highway)
6,USB for original socket: working
7, Steering wheel control: working
8, The parcel come with a canbus box.
9,Capacitive touch screen:the screen is a tablet of latest generation and it no dazzle from external light.
10.USB socket: Except original USB socket, there are another USB adapter cable, can accept all of pendrive and hard-disk.
11.Android box:It is the power of CAR PAD II. Put Android box into the drawer and connect it to the car radio with a HDMI cable. Mini-HDMI was used for data input. You can find a 8G SD card and a mini SD slot from Android box.

The UI of WINCE need to improve. As usual, do not display the belts of emergency-airbag.

For who feel interested,below is their contact information:
Newsmy CAR
Main Products :Car Dvd Player/ Car Av Navigation System
Add: Newsmy Park, No. 2 Lixiang Road East, Changsha, Hunan China,
Web site:

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