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It seems a new car's window sticker is getting more complicated every year. Want to know what type and size wheels come standard on the car you're considering buying? Yes, you'll find that info, but the window sticker, or Monroney, contains a wealth of info about a car beyond its year, make, model and MSRP. And much of the design is relatively new. Follow the link below for help navigating the window sticker to find out what you want to know.

What's on Your Window Sticker?
By Matt Schmitz | August 7, 2013 | Comments (4)



The Monroney is required on new cars. Why isn't it required on used cars? There're a lot shanigans on used car prices because of the lack of such a label.


I find the Monroney sticker removed from many new cars on dealer lots here in Texas. The usual excuse is "we just had the windows tinted and we can't put it on the tint". Yeah, right.


Shorebreak, not just in Texas.

In New Mexico, we often see the Monroney sticker removed and replaced with a Dealer's sticker outlining what the dealer has added and what the dealer wants to sell the vehicle for.

When any one sees such things on new cars they should leave that dealership post haste!

It's worth pointing out that custom stickers for custom decals should be very durable as they're exposed to extreme use.

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