2014 Honda Accord: What's Changed

  • Most significant changes: New seat fabric and updated auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Price change: An increase of $275 
  • On sale: The coupe is on sale now; the sedan hits dealerships Aug. 22
  • Which should you buy, 2013 or 2014? The 2013. The price increase doesn't really get you anything.

Honda's best-selling car saw a hefty redesign for 2013; for 2014, coupe and sedan versions of the Accord get only a few minor changes and a slight price increase. Model-year 2014 versions of the midsize sedan will start at $22,745, and coupes at $24,415 — that's an increase of $275 over model-year 2013 sedans and coupes (all prices include a $790 destination fee).

Sedans are again available in LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, EX-L V6 and Touring trim, and coupes in LX-S, EX, EX-L and EX-L V6. The Accord Plug-in Hybrid was new for 2013, and a regular hybrid joins the lineup for 2014. Also new are two minor equipment features: "premium" seat fabric on the LX sedan, Honda says, and a "smarter" auto-dimming rearview mirror that no longer requires an on/off switch.

The 2014 Accord coupe is on sale now, and the sedan will follow on Aug. 22. The Accord Hybrid will hit dealerships in October.

Research the Honda Accord
2014 Honda Accord Hybrid to Get EPA 47 MPG Combined
2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid Priced at $40,570



I think when considering a 2013 versus a 2014, especially in situations like this, resale value should be a consideration too. Someone may want a 2014 Accord for the higher future resale value.


And that is accounted for by higher incentives on closeout 2013's vs. the 2014's.


I agree with Bowrider. and WTF, can you give me numbers? And actually, that is what cars.com should be doing. I want to know, at least on average, does it make sense to save a few hundred (or whatever) by getting and end of season model or should I pay more, but get better resale value and get the next years model. Based on my experience with blue book values of different years of what is essentially the same car, I think you end up better off (if you are the type of sell the car later) to buy the new one. But it would be great to see real data on this! Hint, hint, cars.com......


Will the 2014 Honda Accord also support iOS in the car? That being said, will the 2013 hardware also support iOS in the car? I assume this is part of the reason why we now have 2 screens in the center. I just want to make sure this is NOT isolated to 2014. Anyone know?

A buyer may have triskaidekaphobia, get the 2014.

If you plan on keeping the car for a long time, I would say get the 13 and save some up front. If you sell in 10 years, 13 or 14 will probably not have much difference in value. If you plan to resell in a few years the 2014 might hold it's value more.


One consideration is that the 2013 model may have been parked in the sun for a long time, fading the fabric. The 2014 model would be a fresher, less exposed car. Unless the 2013 was stored inside, I'd buy the 2014 model.

Harvey Sauter

2013 vs 2014
If cars are equal it's really about milage at trade in time

Jerry Sherritt

Do future plans for the Accord include an AWD version? How about a turbo-charged 4 cyl?


In terms of 13 vs. 14 and future resale. You pay less for the 13 and you have almost an entire model year of mileage saved. So I would think that the 13 May end being the better choice in the ling run.

R Norman

Re Accord CVT's
Many 2013 Accords experienced low speed Judders while accelerating at low speeds.

Has this been eliminated in the new 2014 Accords??

Common Thread- transmission problems 2013 CVT
For those who bought CVT, do you experience judders at low rpm's


Norman: Actually the CVT judders are uncommon (what do you define as many?) and usually occurs during winter and not when accelerating but when decelerating. I've noticed only a few days out of the 1 year I've owned my Accord during which these judders occurred and they are very minor.


If you're going for the LX model, get the 2014. The 2013's fabric is ugly and dated. It was one of the main reasons that pushed me to spending extra for the 2013 Sport.
If you're getting any other Trim, there's no real value in the 2014.


Go for 2013 for two reasons:
Get more Incentives
When selling aftee couple of years you have less miles on it.
If you buy 2014 you have to drive car for whole year which are added to your miles/year.

If you buy 2013 now you get more incentives (Bargain) and less miles in first year which already ended.

Go for 2014 for:
If you want new year (Not model change).
If you want to say that you purchase new car in starting on year.

There is not a single change in 2013 & 2014 Accord.

Dave Jones

Perhaps the 2014 if and only if the atrocious navi., and sound system glitches have been satisfactorily resolved.


"Guest" comment from Sep 23, 2013 1:54:43 makes no sense. After a couple years both cars would have the SAME mileage because the SAME person drove the car the SAME number of times/distance. The difference is after 2 years you have a 2013 or 2014 to sell. With the same odometer reading the 2014 is worth more!!


This isn't complicated. The 2014 compared to the 2013 will be worth more when go to re-sell it. BUT, you should save money when purchasing the 2013. I would target at least 1-2k less then what you would pay for the 2014.

So long term you would likely save more up front on the 2013, then you would re-coupe on resell on the 2014.

If your a bad negotiator and the 2013 is the same price as the 2014, why would you not get the 2014.

Jeff Goldstein

Go for the Accord with the best deal. Don't worry about what's going to be years from now when you are going to sell. Make your money up front. Who knows what condition your car will be in or even you for that matter years from now. If your worried about money, then invest the difference that you save. I bet you come out ahead financially. The whole argument reminds me about when to take Social Security. At age 62 or wait till 67 or 70? I'd rather have the money now - who knows what's going to be years later. I could die before I get to that age and never get anything - which is what the gov't is probably counting on. And if I would take the payments later, then it will take several years for me to catch up to my earlier payments that I started to receive at age 62.

Paul Jones

I would go for the 2014. Why? I used to tear engines down and rebuild them. Neither the sales people nor the company website would ever tell you that critical parts (many within the engine and transmission) had been updated. Even some of the mechanics were unaware of the changes or why the changes had been made, they only knew that the part looked different. Since 2013 was a complete redesign, there is a high probability that components within the engine/transmission/electrical system have been updated/upgraded. For example, when an automaker looks at warranty claims, there are going to be claims they expect and those that are completely unexpected. Those unexpected claims turn into newly engineered, tougher, better parts. The longer a particular model is on the road, the better the associated mechanical and electrical parts will work. I was in the market for a new Honda, but decided not to buy the 2013 due to the fact that it was a complete redesign. If you think the parts that get updated are minor, that's not always the case. One vehicle that I worked on had a major change to the camshaft. If you bought the previous years model, the camshaft would last about 100,000 miles before the cam lobe wear would start to affect the engine power. If you bought the next year's model, there was a completely new camshaft with lobes that were hardened enough to take you past 200,000 miles. Not only was the camshaft changed, the valves and springs were also upgraded. In this same engine, what also changed was the ignition and fuel system. None of these changes was apparent to the average consumer or the sales staff. Especially in a redesign, if you have a choice of first year or subsequent years in the series, always, always, always take the most recent year.


Paul Jones, Thank you very, very,very much for your intuitive information you just helped me make the right choice today. I just got the 2014 honda accord ex-l. what other obvious visible difference is there btw the 2014 & 2013


Paul Jones,

This is by far the most professional and credible opinion I have seen online. I also took apart and built many engines,transmissions and experienced the same things you have mentioned in your review. I definitely agree with your assessment that "always, always, always take the most recent year" of the same model.
I found it ridiculous to read all these opinions of supposedly professional "talking heads" that telling you that you can "save" $275 by buying older models or comparing minor unimportant visible things while ignoring other very important things that will have a major impact on your cost and frustration over time.


What about CVT vs manual transmissions? From what I've heard and researched, CVT transmissions are more prone to problems, fail, or repair. Not too worried about the lost of gas miliage between the two, if there's any at all. I just want to make the best choice for the more durable, longer lasting transmission.

Dr. J

A dealer told me yesterday that one difference between the 2013 and 2014 is a timing chain versus a timing belt. That would be significant if true. How to find out?


This came from the 2014 Honda Accord Manual. Number 5 indicate a Timing Belt NOT chain.
I wish is was a chain!!

Exploded Auto Parts Diagram
No. Part Number Description Qty Req. List Price Our Price
1 14100-5G0-A00 CAMSHAFT, FR. 1 $168.23 $117.76 Add to Cart
2 14200-5G0-A00 CAMSHAFT, RR. 1 $168.23 $117.76 Add to Cart
3 14260-R70-A01 PULLEY, FR. TIMING BELT DRIVEN 1 $10.90 $7.63 Add to Cart
4 14270-RCA-A01 PULLEY, RR. TIMING BELT DRIVEN 1 $13.07 $9.15 Add to Cart
5 14400-RCA-A01 BELT, TIMING (197YU20 VE-501) (UNITTA)

Mary Ann Gigliuto

I'm buying a car this weekend and need a couple of tips please.
What are the problems with the 2013 navigation system please?
What is the MSRP on both the 2013 and 2014 Honda Accord V6? Does anyone know?


Regarding updated engine and transmission parts for newer years, on the flip side of that, the newer parts could also be downgraded to save on costs.


Guys I do t know where you see 1-2000$ difference between 2013 and 2014 accord. I have only $300 difference between them. I would go with lx trim. I have checked few dealers and the lowest deal I got is 22000 OTD price on 2014 accord lx. Any thoughts?

René Arana

I bought a 2014 Accord LX 2 weeks ago mostly because 2013' I-4 are close to non-existent around the dealers where I live. I do not regret my decision. The car feels solid on the road and wind noise is minimal (I am a former Buick Le Sabre owner, so I won't say anything about the ride). I have been averaging about 30 mpg driving on both the freeway and the streets. I can tell that this car will last me quite a while.


JohnG, I'm shopping for the 2014 LX now and I think 22k OTD is a good price. Wonder how much the title and license alone cost.


you should try to buy 2014 honda accord LX sedan for 18k.


19,500 OTD is a excelent price as i just bought the 2014 honda accord lx sedan for 20,300. I previously owned 2008 honda acord lX sedan which gave me many problems. After researching in the market, i have decided to buy 2014 honda accord LX sedan as no other company is closer to Honda's value add proposition.
The difference between 2008 and 2014 is, they reduced the cloth quality, took away one touch remote windows, reduced the speakers from 6 to 4, took away USB drive in the handrest and cheap tires(firestone affinity), CVT is probably cheap compared to the old gear transmission. Based on these changes, I strongly believe that you should be able to buy the 2014 Honda ACCORD lx SEDAN for 18k + taxes and title in OH state.



Honda is the leading manufacturing and it will done its change according to its fans,.

Dennis Rinehart

I purchased a 2104 Accord EX-l in January. To date I
like my accord. However, I
feel Honda Corp short changed the accord by not
by not splitting the rear
seats. BAD MISTAKE. All my
previous vehicles including
our Civic EX had split rear
seats. Please consider in
the future splitting the rear seats in the accord
especially the higher end

Really the CVT judders are extraordinary (what do you characterize as a lot of people?) and generally happens throughout winter and not when quickening however when decelerating. I've perceived just a couple of days out of the 1 year I've claimed my Accord throughout which these judders happened and they are exceptionally minor. Mehran Suzuki is best through the price and features. Thanks for much appreciation.


Honda V6 has timing belt but not the 4. Buy another brand if you want a V6.

Mike Hock

The Honda Accord has THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE SEATS I've ever experienced. People have traded in their new Accords, at a huge loss, because they can't stand the pain.

If you like the feeling of being stabbed in the back, then the Accord is the perfect car for you!






I got 22k OTD ($19,800 before fees) for my 2014 Accord LX sedan and I love it. I heard the CVT transmissions had problems in the model last year but they improved it for this years release.

Besides the fact that the finance guy got an attitude with me because I didnt want to finance with Honda (I got a better rate with my credit union) and I didn't want his stupid warranty, and I have ants in the damn car just the next morning after getting the car...I'm happy with it lol

Its beautiful, rides nicely and has great features.


I got my 2014 accord exl sedan for 23700, plus fees.you think that's a good price!


I purchased the EX for 24,200 OTD in Sep.

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