Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: June 2013


Ford and Nissan led the charge into Independence Day weekend with Ford reporting its best June since 2006 and Nissan logging its strongest month since Thomas Jefferson wore diapers. (OK, it was Nissan's best June in the U.S. ever, and Jefferson probably wore some kind of swaddling clothes.) June sales, in fact, played out like a children's T-ball game. Almost everyone got a pat on the back.

"The fundamentals for continued industry gains in new-vehicle sales remain intact," Chrysler sales chief Reid Bigland said in a company statement this morning. GM head economist Mustafa Mohatarem agreed: Americans "believe — with good justification — that the economic expansion is going to continue," he said in a separate statement.

Both are right. From consumer confidence to new-home construction, major June indicators suggested higher auto sales. That's exactly what happened: Sales for the top seven automakers increased 8.8%.

Ford led the group with sales up 13.4% over year-ago numbers on the strength of — this is getting old now — pickup trucks. The F-Series, whose F-150 just topped's American-Made Index, boomed 23.6% over June 2012. Incentives and inventory remain around June 2012 levels, but an improving housing market fuels the pickup boom like bratwursts and beer drive an expanding waistline. Sales among all full-size pickups gained 23.6%, led by the Detroit Three. Chrysler's Ram pickups packed on 23.8%; the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra added a combined 29.9%.

Other models saw a lift, too. The Toyota Camry and Honda Accord notched reasonable gains despite similar or declining incentives versus year-ago levels. Among smaller cars, Ford had to turn the incentives spigot to full blast to nudge the Focus along; despite a 9.2% sales gain, it remained off the top 10 sellers for the sixth straight month. Deals on its rival Chevrolet Cruze increased, too, but to a lower extent — and sales sprang 73.2% versus a lackluster June 2012. Is the new Cruze Diesel fueling the popularity? We doubt it; as of this morning, Cruze Diesels accounted for just 2.2% of its inventory on

The two Detroit compacts illustrate the industry's gradual uptick in incentives. The average new car had $5,357 in total factory and dealer incentives (ranging from discount financing to cash discounts and no-charge options) in early June, according to CNW Marketing Research. That's 14.1% off the total MSRP, and it's up from June 2012 when discounts totaled $4,662, or 12.6%, off the average new-car price.

Does it spell a return to lower profitability for the auto industry? Not entirely. MSRPs have increased at a faster pace, meaning transaction prices — MSRPs minus incentives — are still up. The average car sold for $32,747 in early June. That's up $462 over a year ago.

Nissan bucked the rising-price trend, slashing prices on most of its lineup in May. How did shoppers respond? Well, sales jumped 12.9% as shoppers flocked toward the Rogue (up 41.1%) and Altima (up 23.3%).

Here are the top 10 best-selling cars for June 2013.


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Nice to see Cruze in Top-5. Does this # include Diesel version sales as well.

Kyle W

Only 2,999 more sales and the Cruze would've beat the Camry! Haven't seen the Cruze do this well since 2011.


38% of Cruz sales are through the fleet/rental channel so sales number is artificially inflated.

Kyle W

It seems like whenever a GM car sells well, everyone starts screaming "FLEET SALES!!!!" Why can't anyone even give them a little credit? And people act like the Camry doesn't sell to fleets either. Every time I go by my local Hertz what are the majority of the cars I see? Yep! The Toyota Camry! And the Altima, too. The Altima has become the ultimate rental car it seems these days. Dozens and dozens of rows of them along with the Camry. Their sales must me somewhat inflated, too, I'm assuming. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this cause I'm American brand loyal or anything, I'm just sick of seeing the McDonald's of all cars triumphing the mid-size car segment, and all cars (besides trucks) for that matter. Whenever something comes close to surpassing the Camry in sales (they already have in quality) everyone blames "fleet sales", especially if it isn't Japanese.


Already have in
Good one Kyle

Toyota Camry, she never disappointing. For some reason, I prefer the previous design. Is Kyle saying the quality is dropping?


I believe that all the top selling are good but the service they recieve is important.
Too many cars these days are not maintained.


Kyle W

Jade, I'm not saying that quality is dropping, but instead that their quality has been surpassed. You could say I'm nothing but an arm-chair critic, but looking at what the professional critics from sources such as Motor Trend, 2theRedline, The Car Connection etc say about the Camry, it is clear that the Camry has fallen behind the competition, and there are better options out there for your money. "This (The Toyota Camry) is the McDonald's of cars: billions and billions served. But that doesn't mean it's good." - associate editor Christian Seabaugh of Motor Trend


The fact that Toyota's interior quality has gone down hill in the last few years isn't exactly a secret.

Take my 2010 Prius. PLEASE.

Try the veal and don't forget to tip your waitress.

Kyle W

With Toyota, it seems to be all their best sellers that have decreased in quality. I suppose it's because they have garnered a large enough fan/loyalty base so they are confident enough to decease their build quality yet still have people buy them just because of the name. They will still sell the same amount of units for the same price, but for a car that was cheaper to make.

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