Pulled Over? The Ticket to a Stress-Free Stop


Being pulled over by the police is stressful enough, so the last thing you need is to add unnecessary anxiety. Whether you were speeding or feel you've done nothing illegal, use our tips to make the stop as smooth as possible for you and the officer. Signal to indicate your intention to pull over, remain seated and avoid reaching for anything until instructed, and be polite. Follow the link below for more advice, and watch our video featuring some ill-advised ways to circumvent a speeding ticket.

What to Do When You Get Pulled Over

By Matt Schmitz | July 20, 2013 | Comments (19)
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'Speeding' isn't illegal.
The speed limit law only applies to commercial vehicles, and only after there has been a collision/accident.
So the law has been applied incorrectly for a LONG time, for the purposes of 'revenue generation' and social control.


George- incorrect. Please post a link to a reputable reference to support your (outrageous) claims.

Here's one for you to read: http://www.iihs.org/laws/speedlimits.aspx


Maintaining a safe speed isn't illegal either. There is a valid and safe reason for not exceeding the speed limit and it has nothing to do with social control. Really, big brother isn't trying to get you. There's. bigger fish to catch.


I have seen other recommendations to convey cooperation by:
- putting your keys on the dash
- passengers keeping their hands in their laps
- rolling down all windows if you have tinted windows or rear passengers (not too appealing in very cold or hot weather)


Vik you are incorrect.
The right to travel was not contested until late in the 20th Century. The case worked its was to the US Supreme Court. US v. Guest. It was upheld that you have the right to travel.
There is no victim, and there is no criminal intent in your locomotion.
It is an unlawful pre-crime that they attempting to charge you with. Non-malicious collisions are a civil matter, not a criminal one.
Commercial use of the public way is a licensable privilege.

The right to travel was explicitly codified in the Unanimous Articles of Confederation & Perpetual Union (before the Constitution).

The bottom line is that if you have to ask the government what your rights are, then you have none.


George that's some serious hocus-pocus reasoning. I'm willing to wager that you also believe that we are not duly required to pay our income taxes. Problem with this kind of reasoning is the no court in the land will agree with you. Custom and case law mean a lot and you will never be able to argue your way out of a speeding ticket on the grounds you cite. Though I'd love to see you try.


LMAO How's that working out for your George?


If you are pulled over and have a concealed weapon (gun)...put both hands out the driver's window and tell the officer, "I have a gun" and do not make any sudden movements. They don't like surprises when it comes to guns.


Personally, this is why I keep my registration info and insurance info on my sun visor. No reaching out of sight required.

In states where I was allowed to have a duplicate license (i.e. New York) I kept one of those in there as well. California doesn't allow this.


George, I HOPE you are joking and only putting this out there to mock those who make absurdist claims like this. If not, then may I suggest a stint in law school? That assumes you can go in and learn instead of thinking you know everything.

William McDermet

I think he means that speeding is not 'criminal'. In most states, it is a 'Civil Motor Vehicle Infraction.' But, there are statutes in every state limiting speed, and these have never been overturned.

John Doe

Just watch http://youtu.be/igQDvYOt_iA by Chris Rock.

*Turn your inside lights on, esp. at night.
*Take off your sunglasses.


Do not follow mikes advice on concealed weapons, that will get a gun pulled on you very fast. The proper way is when the officer ask's for you license hand them your license and you CCW permit and keep you hands on the steering wheel. Yelling to an police officer I have a gun is fastest way to alarm a cop.

Roy Heffner

1. Don't lie to the police officer. Ever. Every cop I have known is like a lie detector. They have heard every single lie ever. They know when you are not telling the truth. And are offended.
2. Kiss ass. Say yes sir, no sir.
3. Do not act uppity. Do not yell.
4. If they are not immediately writing the ticket you have a chance if you obey the three laws above.
5. If they are immediately writing the ticket, forget about it, you are going to get a ticket.


Roy Heffner is spot on. Completely agree with him.


Is it just me, or do others also resent the need to act as if I am suspected of criminal activity when pulled over? Keeping my hands in my lap, for crying out loud. What if I want to finish the text I was sending? :(


"They may decide to stick it to you by handing you a hefty fine for being uncooperative or rude." Honestly? How can being rude be against the law? As long as I don't swear, can I really get a fine for rudeness?


Roy is right on... I was pulled over for 62 in a 45 zone, and I didn't get the ticket. Cop asked me why I doing 62 in a 1984 VW Rabbit Diesel and I told him. "Because that's all this POS will do.". Apparently it is very hard to write a ticket while laughing...

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