How to Handle College-Car Paperwork


Many young people don't appreciate their parents until they head to college with their car and are suddenly faced with an abundance of associated paperwork. Be sure to transfer the title of your vehicle, register your car with the state you'll be living in for college and keep the registration in your car in case you're pulled over. Also, consider getting a campus parking permit. For more advice on avoiding paperwork problems during your paper chase, follow the link below.

Paperwork: The Price of Having a Car at College
By Matt Schmitz | July 21, 2013 | Comments (1)
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There is a lot of incorrect advice. Most states do not require a change of registration, and in fact prohibit doing so. Their primary residence laws all say something like "moving here for a purpose other than school." Hence in college towns nationwide, you'll typically see a random mix of state license plates.

Also, you do not have to change the name on the car's title from the parent to the student. There is no reason why the student can't drive the car as long as they are listed on the parents' insurance policy. In fact, having the student's name on the title will almost certainly increase the insurance rates.

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