Cops Across the Country Put the Brakes on Speeding

Motorists on Interstate 80, you've been warned. Law enforcement agencies across the country are ramping up efforts to curb speeding on the highway that spans from California to New Jersey.

USA Today is reporting that police in 11 states are joining forces for the "I-80 Challenge." Implemented by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, the "More Cops, More Stops" strategy is aimed at curbing dangerous speeding before accidents happen. The safety agency reports that summer is traditionally the deadliest season along the 2,900-mile stretch of highway. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from 2009 to 2011, 350 people died in crashes on the country's second-longest interstate.

Police and troopers along the highway are escalating speed-limit enforcement from now until July 31 with the goal of zero fatalities through the month's end. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the speed limit across I-80 ranges from 65 to 75 mph.

Motorists should be on their best behavior across the board; police are also heightening focus on impaired driving and seat-belt use. State police in California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are participating, as is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a truck safety regulatory agency.

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By Jennifer Geiger | July 25, 2013 | Comments (5)



When there is police and speeding, there is little safety concerns but mostly $$$$$$$$$$ concerns.

Police would make it much more safe if they would make drivers turn their headlights at night, in the fog and rain. If they would stop those who cuts and changes lanes like crazy. Those, who puts makeup. Those who tries to undercut lines on ramps.


Inattention causes accidents.
Tiredness causes accidents.
Speed does NOT cause accidents.

The function of government is protect liberty, not provide safety.


Tony and George's comments are representative of today's society. Tony speaks from emotion making uneducated statements while George presented facts.

PS I spent 26 years in traffic safety for a major US city.


I spent 26 years watching incompetent guys like you taking care of traffic safety, public health etc. This is pathetic. Look who is speaking, "major city". Aren't our major cities bankrupt and ran by bunch of people without slightest idea how to do it? And the traffic guys are pathetic. So, they place a red light camera, shorten the yellow light and call it "traffic safety".
good job.


85 in Texas? I got pulled over in Amarillo for going 79 on I-40... which is a 75. Waste of my time.

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