Can Nissan Charge Stations Help EV Skeptics Turn Over New Leaf?


A new offering from Nissan will take you from zero to 80 in 30 minutes — that is, from a depleted battery to an 80% charge after a half-hour in the all-electric Nissan Leaf. The automaker is supporting the addition of 100 new quick-charge stations at its dealerships in 21 markets across the nation by April 1, 2014, as part of an effort to speed the expansion of vehicle charging and to foster consumer awareness of EV capabilities.

This latest initiative follows a pilot program of charging stations installed at two-dozen dealerships on the West Coast, which allowed the automaker to study customers' charging habits and the impact on dealer operations. Richard Luengo, general manager of Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles at the intersection of two heavily traveled freeways, said his quick-charge station averaged about 10 sessions per day during the test program and had resulted in improved business for the dealership.

"There is a steady stream of folks using the charger, and we've generated significant good will in the Leaf community," Luengo said in a statement. "Over the past four months, our dealership has seen market improvement in sales, and some of that is clearly attributable to the new quick charger."

Since the test program began, Nissan said about 5,600 charging sessions have taken place and each location averaged about 4.5 sessions a day. Use increased by nearly 13% between June 21 and July 1 compared with the two weeks before, according to the automaker. Nissan's charging partner AeroVironment will install the quick chargers, and the automaker expects them to be ready for use in East Coast markets starting this summer and total 100 by early next spring.

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Good job Nissan.

Yes this will help many Leaf owners quick charge and continue on their journey.

Its common for people to go their relatives / friends house which could be 70-80 miles away. On the way back, they can quick charge and come home easily.

This puts Nissan on the same platform as Tesla, though Tesla has both Supercharger and Battery Swap systems.


A 'quick charge' takes 30 minutes!? No thanks I'd rather have a diesel.


"This puts Nissan on the same platform as Tesla, though Tesla has both Supercharger and Battery Swap systems."

Ummm... no.
Leaf - range 73 mi; fast charge rate of 116 mph

Tesla Model S - range 265 mi; fast charge rate of 300 mph

That's hardly comparable.



No automaker can match Tesla since that is a EV automaker while all others are combustion engine based automakers. Slowly these companies are trying to move into EV area.

So Nissan installing Charging stations is a good 1st step.

But on the price front, Nissan did a great job by reducing the price by $6,000 with a base model.

Now everyone are following. Latest new is Ford is cutting price on their Focus EV by $4,000.


I'm not complaining about Nissans level 3 chargers. The more the merrier.

I own a Focus EV; it's awesome. We're looking at buying a Tesla Model X next year.

I'm just saying that Nissan deploying their level 3s is not "on the same platform", as you said, as Tesla's superchargers.

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