BMW Prices Electric i3

BMW originally promised a 2013 on-sale date for its i3 electric car — turns out it'll be a bit later. When the compact electric car goes on sale during the second quarter of 2014, it'll start at $42,275, including a $925 destination fee, but exclusive of any state or federal tax incentives.

The wedge-like, four-passenger hatchback looks straight from the future; BMW says it uses the industry's first mass-produced carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body mounted on an aluminum frame. Inside, the automaker claims it offers 3 Series-like space, though its body is several inches shorter.

Power for the 170-horsepower motor comes from a 22-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery; torque is rated at 184 pounds-feet. BMW says the rear-wheel-drive hatchback's range is 80 to 100 miles and is good for a zero to 35 mph run of about 3.5 seconds. For those with range anxiety, a 34-hp two-cylinder gas engine that acts as a generator is optional. BMW says the setup increases the car’s maximum range to 160 to 180 miles.

For charging, owners can opt for a home system supplied by BMW or a Level 2, or 240-volt, public charging unit. BMW has not released pricing on the home unit, however. A direct-current fast-charging port is optional; BMW says the car's battery can get an 80% charge in 20 minutes with a fast charger. Drivers can locate charging stations through the car’s navigation system.

The concept version is pictured above; BMW will release official pictures on July 29.

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Wow!!! Amazing car. that is really Amazing & also lovely car. Thanks


I find it hard to believe they will only charge $42K for this car and sincerely hope there is no price creep between now and when it comes out. Considering the innovative purpose built lightweight structure, this car slots right up there with Tesla on the top of the EV heap. I drove the converted ! series electric and came away convinced that BMW is serious about its electric car program.

Anonymous Coward

If it's like other BMWs, the base price will be $42,275, but a well-equipped one will be $59,275.

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