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Mazda's two-seat roadster is affordable and fun to drive, and as far as the competition goes, there's just nothing else like it. As a daily driver, the Miata MX-5's ergonomic and space issues would get old fast, but as a weekend car, it knows how to bring the fun, says Cars.com reviewer Jennifer Geiger. Check out the video for more.

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Jennifer, you seemed to have missed most of the points of this car. First, Mazda didn't just add MX-5 to the name. It has always been a MX-5. If you don't believe me, just look at the badge on the trunk of a 1990 model. Remember, this s sports car, so the ride will be a little firmer and the exhaust may be a little louder - it's not a Buick, ok? And, we can easily get a full grocery load into the trunk. No problem. And we have gone on week-long trips with ours. Again, no problem.



You're going to bash the MX-5 because the exhaust is a bit loud and the sport suspension is a bit firm?

This is like complaining about an M-1 tank because "stuff comes shooting out a pipe mounted on the top".

Cliff Edge

Jennifer wasn't bashing anything. She has that car. Maybe you should rub your eyes and try again.


I have to disagree with 90% of Jennifer's review of this excellent sports car. She is attempting to perhaps compare the MX-5 Miata with a Lexus or some other luxury sports sedan on the market today. I've owned two of these, a 2005 LS, and my present 2012 Grand Touring with retractable hardtop. The seats are very comfortable on long drives, the trunk holds enough for two people, the road manners are impeccable, the interior purposeful and the vehicle is relatively quiet with the top up. I consider the MX-5 Miata the best value and surely the most fun vehicle for the money on the road today.


I have to say, Miata much more driver friendly in terms of interior than Honda S2000. In Miata I can relax. And cup holder? Guess what, bigger Mazda3 has exactly same issue. HVAC controls looks from the same bin as Rav4, Corolla, etc. Fuel economy seem to be low for a such small car. OK, RWD + heavy body but still, should hit 30 mpg. Avalon can do that


Re: Tony @ Jul 2, 2013 8:26:55 PM

I regularly achieve 32MPG at highway speeds (70MPH) and 24MPG in city driving. That was in both my 2005 and my current 2012 Miata vehicles.


I have a 2013 Miata club model and except for places I think it will get hit by an opening door I drive it everywhere. I believe that for a two door sports car it is quite simply the best in class over all.

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