Tracking the Fuel Economy of's 2013 Honda Civic, 2013 Subaru BRZ


The past month was a good mileage month for our long-term 2013 Honda Civic and 2013 Subaru BRZ. Both testers bumped up their average mileage, and the Civic has a new best-recorded single-tank mileage of 35.6 mpg.

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Our 2013 Civic was stuck in city loops averaging 28.53 mpg for the first 2,500 miles. Now with more miles accumulating we're starting to see the 39 mpg highway rating in our recordings. The Civic's overall mileage average increased 1.75 mpg since the last update 1,200 miles ago. All fill-ups tallied in above 30 mpg instead of the mid-to-high 20s from earlier tanks.

A road trip also helped bump the BRZ’s average .5 mpg with a strong tailwind shoving the light BRZ up to a 36 mpg average over 160 miles traveling from central Wisconsin to the Chicago suburbs. That tank also extended the longest-recorded range to 338 miles and almost touched the previously recorded best tank mpg (30.80 mpg) with a 30.78 mpg average. So close.



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Do these cars have manual or automatic transmissions? Is the Civic an LX, EF, or EX?

Sorry, we probably shouldn't assume everyone has been following the fleet closely enough to know those things.
The Civic is an LX with an automatic.
The BRZ has a six-speed manual transmission.
Thanks for the note!

Matt Duggan

Here is a lot larger sample-size for what people are actually getting. I'm averaging 36.1 with about 70% highway miles.


Break in period for Civic is important in my experience. If my calculations are right I'm getting 39mpg on my 2013 Civic vs. the 30mpg average I have now. I think it may even improve of 39mpg slightly as I have only 2700 miles.

I broke down the Honda Civic MPG model by model on our Honda Blog. Si obviously comes in last...


It would be nice if the government made higher standards in the U.S. however there is a lot of tax revenue coming in from gas prices. We even have seen some cars returned and ended up on for people to purchase second hand.

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