Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: May 2013


The last time Ford sold 70,000 F-Series pickups in a single month was March 2007 when unemployment was just 4.4%. The best-selling truck eclipsed that mark again in May 2013, gaining 30.6% to hit 71,604 sales. That's the best May since 2005, an era when the F-Series' clipped along at 800,000 or more sales a year.

Such is the pickup rebound, fueled by a construction market that saw some of the highest housing starts in recent months since 2008. The Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and Chrysler's Ram pickups all had 20%-plus gains for the month — and this comes with little increases in incentives versus May 2012. Ford's recent plans to add jobs to its Kansas City, Mo., facility, where the F-150 is built, seems like a safe bet.

While Ford led Detroit's sales gains, Nissan's 24.7% sales increase led the largest Asian automakers. Sales for the Altima boomed 40.8%, and that's with slightly lower incentives versus a year ago. The rival Honda Accord added 11.7% to stay ahead by fewer than 1,500 sales. Virtually every Honda sale in May "represents a purchase by an individual customer," Honda sales chief John Mendel said in a statement — a reference to Honda's fleet sales, which are by far the lowest among the seven largest automakers.

Other family cars had a mixed month. The Ford Fusion did well, but Toyota Camry sales were slightly down. GM's emergency refresh of the Chevrolet Malibu, meanwhile, couldn't come soon enough. Sales for the just-redesigned family sedan tumbled 36.1% in May, though some of that comes from lower incentives versus a steeply discounted 2012 Malibu a year ago.

With those top seven automakers reporting numbers, new-car sales added a healthy 8% in May to end the month above 15 million annualized sales. That resumes a pace seen from November to March but lost in April. It's easy to see why: Consumer confidence reached a five-year high in May, and new-car prices roughly stayed put for the first time since we've tracked them (November 2011). The average new car sold for $32,426 in May, according to CNW Marketing Research. That's up just 0.4% over May 2012, signaling a possible plateau to months of year-over-year price increases. Will it continue? Wait and see.

Here are May's top 10 sellers.


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Hmmm...three of the top 10 best-selling cars are pickup TRUCKS. What are the other three cars?


With gas prices back at $4 dollars a gallon, ford still manages to sell 71,000 F-series.I'm sure all of the trucks that were sold are not for construction. Americans still like trucks as daily drivers.

DeBinder Dundett

MOST Americans don't care about the price of gas. That's why they buy what they buy.

If Americans cared about the price of gas we would all be driving little sardine cans on wheels like the Europeans and Asians do.


A lot of construction is picking up again, so trucks are getting replaced.


Very sad to see Americans sliding so quickly back to their old ways... buying those damn trucks again. How will the auto makers ever put real impetus behind more efficient cars if this public continues to make such dumb choices?

Instead of adding more highways whose maintenance will suck our tax dollars for all eternity (only to be misappropriated by our dysfunctional leadership in Washington when they start to need repair), we should be building more mass-transit infrastructure. This trend frustrates that effort.


More mass-transit infrastructure!!!? In the city where I live there is an overabundance of mass-transit infrastructure!!!

And the majority still choose to drive and commute by themselves.

The freeways and Interstates are choked to the point of gridlock while seats on mass-transit goes unfilled and has to be subsidized.

What we need is more fracking, more oil production, more refineries. We need to become an oil-exporting and energy-exporting nation once again.


"What we need is more fracking, more oil production, more refineries. We need to become an oil-exporting and energy-exporting nation once again."

No, because while that's good for personal "freedom", cheap hydrocarbons are bad for the planet. I suppose what we need is gasoline expensive enough to get us behaving less rogue-individual.

We need to return "individualism" back where it belongs - the mind. Individualism as expressed through consumption is ruining the planet.


I still find it pretty impressive that GM is managing to do so well given the impending redesign. However, to me the most outstanding thing on this list is the F series breaking 70k. Just thinking about the work that goes in to assembling 70,000+ vehicles in a month blows my mind.


Re F Series: are there that many folks working in construction?

Re Honda Accord: CVT and DI are a mistake-can't believe Honda fell for this!

Soon there will be a easier more convenient and affordable way to get a vehicle from the comfort of your home. The progressive have already started printing cars and it will soon becoming to your garage near you.


Why is gmc and chevy trucks not counted as 1 prod. total? The only difference in the 2 vehicles is names and badging.

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