Quarterly Ownership Cost of Cars.com's Honda Civic


Cars.com's long-term 2013 Honda Civic LX has chugged through three months and 4,400 miles of ownership, only requiring us to whip out the plastic for refueling. The overall gas bill of $541.59 is a small addition to the $20,100 out-the-door price for our automatic transmission Civic LX.  See our gas mileage reports on the Civic here for more information on gas mileage, range and average fill-up cost.

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We're also keeping an eye on the oil life monitor that notifies us of the Civic's first service. Currently, there's 40% oil life remaining; the onboard maintenance minder alerts us at 15%. At that time we should be due for an oil change, tire rotation and inspection, according to the owner's manual. The first service will be an out-of-pocket expense.


Editor's Note: This story has been corrected to properly identify our test car as an LX model.

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I thought this was an LX?


You might want to make a correction here. The Civic you have is an LX not an EX.

Sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out. We've updated the post.


Guess you guys wanted the EX that bad?

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