Honda Prices 2014 Odyssey

Rejoice, neat freaks itching to buy a minivan with a built-in vacuum! The 2014 Honda Odyssey with the industry-first HondaVac system goes on sale July 2. The updated minivan starts at $29,655, only slightly more than model-year 2013's $29,505 base price (all prices include an $830 destination fee).

The big powertrain news is the previously optional six-speed automatic is now standard across the lineup, replacing the five-speed unit. Fuel economy jumps from 18/27 mpg city/highway with the five-speed to 19/28 mpg with the six-speed; the bump puts it at the head of the minivan class.

Outside, the Odyssey gets a restyled hood, front bumper, grille and fenders; in back there's new LED-enhanced taillights. Inside, new fabric and trim along with revised center stack and gauge layouts highlight cabin changes. Newly standard features include Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, a four-way power passenger seat, an expanded view driver's mirror, Pandora internet radio interface and text message reading functionality.

Newly optional are a suite of safety systems, including LaneWatch blind spot monitoring and forward collision warning and lane departure warning systems. Standard only on the top Touring Elite trim, the HondaVac system is housed in the back cargo area; Honda says the vacuum hose can reach all the way to the front seats and tackle wet and dry messes.

Five trim levels return for 2014: the base LX model, EX, EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite. A DVD rear entertainment system and navigation system with voice recognition are available on EX-L models and above.

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2014 Honda Odyssey at the 2013 New York Auto Show
Video of the Honda Odyssey Vacuum in Action



" minivan starts at $29,655"

So, the minivan class is effectively became a car of upper middle class. Everybody else will have to squeeze into Civic



Or a Mazda5.

A base Dodge Grand Caravan is just over $20K with destination. You don't get a lot of bells and whistles but it will transport a larger family. No Stow N Go at that price though.


what if I want a new Honda van for $22K... ok, 24K? Honda left me outside and sent me to Dodge

2 - No Stow N Go actually improves sitting comfort. Or does it?


Mazda5 is unfortunate vehicle. It is really a 4 passenger car if you want a stroller with you. I would say, this is a good car for mail delivery.


Cry me a river. Go buy another Mazda3 or Highlander. Boohoo the Highlander starts at $29,020 so must be for upper middle class only.



I am impressed!! You know who drives what. Working for NSA?
Besides, I paid 24.5 for Highlander. I am trying not break $20K barriers on car purchase. But the woman wanted a big car, so... I have no regrets. That thing is great.


Oooohhhh!!!! New Odyssey!

Let me take a look!

Yep. Still fugly...

When you going to fix that terrible styling so I can buy one, Honda?


All those complains about the price? What other family van is out there delivers such Comfort,Safety,Reliability and Resale Value may I ask? Sure any one can buy couple $K less other makes but who wants to feel squished in a vehicle? Plastic looking Interior with no class? With the Features such as Blue Tooth, big screen back up camera and the best crash ratings Odyssey is my very best runner-up for the value for my family. Try to compare this vehicle Apples to Apples in every aspect to any other brand, all will look like caskets on four wheels.


Some comments are so bias to other makes makes me lough, one posted FUGLY for an odyssey, which van is better looking? More specious? More bells and whistles? Better crash ratings? Better Re-Sale value? Better Gas economy? same power? Better turning radius? can seat 8 passengers without feel like sardines? Cmon! If any one wants to make a comment, please study the competition 1st then waste readers time in these columns, let those who knows more make comments so others can benefit from important facts, after all people who needs this size vehicle they have only one objective in mind SAFETY for their love ones!!!

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