Federal Backup Camera Mandate Pushed Back Again


For the fourth time since its 2008 passage as part of federal auto-safety legislation, a rule requiring all new cars to have backup cameras has been delayed — this time until 2015, Bloomberg news reported. Federal regulators pushed back the mandate as they consider offering incentives in safety ratings to vehicles containing the technology, Bloomberg stated.

In a letter Thursday, outgoing U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called for further analysis of the rule's cost, estimated to be $2.7 billion, or roughly $18 million per life saved. Automakers have complained of the rule's cost and have argued that it only makes sense for larger vehicles, Bloomberg reported.

Kids and Cars, an advocacy group pushing for the mandate, stated that 1,000 deaths and 70,000 injuries have resulted from back-over incidents since President George W. Bush signed the law five years ago, according to USA Today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an average of two children die every week in back-over incidents, the newspaper reported.

Backup Camera Rule for Cars in U.S. Pushed Back to 2015
Government Delays Backup Camera Decision
Backup Cameras Likely Mandated for 2014
By Matt Schmitz | June 21, 2013 | Comments (2)


Mike B.

Another example of governmental overreach. . . upon request.
Auto manufacturers are already voluntarily installing these devices on their vehicles, and why? Because consumers want them.
So let the markets do what they do best: let them drive demand for this sort of thing and stop encouraging the Government to drive its sword a little deeper.

I personally will be happy when the mandate is finally in order. 1000 of deaths each year from reverse driving should be enough for people to take the importance of backup cams seriously. But until then and for the older cars check out TadiBrothers. They have every backup cam on the market.

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