Chrysler Says Jeeps are Safe; NHTSA Wants Recall

While unfortunate, vehicle recalls are pretty common; what isn't is when an automaker refuses to comply. After investigating a potential fuel system problem in model-year 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty models, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants Chrysler to recall 2.7 million vehicles. The automaker said no.

According to USA Today, NHTSA sent Chrysler a letter ordering the recall of the affected vehicles to fix a problem that could lead to a fire in a rear-end crash. Chrysler said it has been working with NHTSA on this issue since 2010 and disagrees with the agency's conclusion; it's standing by the safety of the vehicles.

"These vehicles met and exceeded all applicable requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, including FMVSS 301, pertaining to fuel-system integrity," the automaker said in a statement.

Chrysler says its tests show that the problem occurs less than once for every million years of vehicle operation and argues that NHTSA's analysis of the problem is incomplete. It will, however, continue working with NHTSA to resolve this issue.

"The safety of drivers and passengers has long been the first priority for Chrysler brands and that commitment remains steadfast," Sergio Marchionne, chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, said in a statement. 

Owners with questions can call Chrysler Group's customer care line at 800-334-9200.

Chrysler tells feds 'no' on Jeep recall demand (USA Today)
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Anonymous Coward

Ouch. Automakers typically issue a voluntary recall so that they aren't stung by a forced recall and the bad press that entails. I don't even remember the last forced recall from a major automaker.


Chrysler= you get what you pay for....


What no congressional hearing? Oh, right its a domestic auto manufacturer. We let them get away with murder.


Nice going Chrysler. Own up to your defective vehicles or stop marketing them. The ball is in your court.


Let's keep things in proper perspective. The Jeeps in question were built to government standards in place at time of production, and now a government agency says they're defective? Looks like NHTSA was what...wrong? While I'm not a Chrysler fan, they are doing what's right in this case. Let NHTSA pay for the recall.

Troy S.


Jeanette Edwards

I been having nothing but trouble with this jeep since I had it first air bags then gear shift not its the starter what else can go wrong please help

Jeff G.

Have 2004 LE Special Edition with 75,000 and only problem was in December when radiator split on it's side,needed one water pump,brake pads and rotors and 2 batteries in 10 years not to bad ,Called after I read this news piece they said their still looking into it---Still love this truck and plan on keeping it till I die,cheaper to replace parts then buy some Asian made junk for $50,000!

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