's Issues With MyFord Touch


The news today that Ford is rethinking its capacitive touch-heavy MyFord Touch multimedia system isn't a shock to our team of editors. Since we first tested it in a 2011 Ford Edge there has been a nearly unanimous cascade of criticism from our team.

Ford to Add More Physical Buttons to MyFord Touch

"While there's plenty to like about the 2011 Ford Edge, its electronics remind me of my not-so-smart phone: bedazzling in theory, befuddling in practice," editor Kelsey Mays said in that first review. "A number of editors got behind the wheel, and the verdict among them was unanimous: MyFord Touch needs a lot of work, and it's worth sticking to an SE or lightly equipped SEL trim to avoid it."

That was in January 2011, a year after Ford introduced MyFord Touch to raves prior to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Our disdain has carried on to the most recently upgraded system found in the redesigned Ford Fusion. "The Sony system is busier with many more capacitive buttons — none of which feature an audible click or send a pulse of feedback through the panel to confirm you've actually achieved the desired result of your finger pressing," said Managing Editor David Thomas in his review.

Editor-in-Chief Patrick Olsen detailed a cross-country road trip in a 2013 Ford Flex that saw the system completely fail and require a reboot while the car was traveling at speed.

We also reviewed the system in Ford's latest C-Max, Escape, Explorer, Edge, Taurus and Focus with the most positive statement found in Thomas' Escape review. "Perhaps familiarity breeds some sort of satisfaction ... I found using the Home button on the steering wheel to be an aggravation saver, bringing up the familiar screen with four quadrants of info in much larger type than in past versions."

Perhaps the most telling test we've done is one of a Ford model without MyFord Touch. In our recent $26,000 Midsize Sedan Showdown, the Ford Fusion came in a close second to Honda's redesigned Accord in one of the most competitive segments in the industry. That highly regarded test car did not feature MyFord Touch.

Ford to Add More Physical Buttons to MyFord Touch
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Mike @CTmechE

You guys at least seem to be in agreement with Consumer Reports, whom the general public seem to love to bash.

And I know I can't be the only person who just doesn't want a system like this in their car. I'm not particularly old (33) nor am I a luddite - I regularly use both Android and iOS devices, and have even rooted and installed custom ROMs on several of my Android gadgets.

Not only do I see most of these systems as poorly designed frustrations, I also don't want to pay what manufacturers are charging to have this built into a dashboard. Why do people pay $1500 for something that a $500 (or even $200) tablet does better??

Furthermore, nobody seems to complain about upgradability - while I'm sure MFT will get software improvements for 3 or 4 years, the average used car on the road seems to be 11 years old... what do people expect these systems will be like in 4 or 5 years, much less 11? Ever use an 11 year old computer? Do you remember what an 11 year old cell phone was like? What's worse, even brand new cars are more than a year behind the newest smartphones in terms of tech, so that money isn't even getting you the latest and greatest.

The very first iPhone was released 6 yrs ago next week... in case you forgot, for the first generation, the iPhone wasn't even 3G, had no app store or any 3rd party apps, came in only 4GB or 8GB versions, and couldn't even send MMS messages. As of 2013, it is "obsolete" and even Apple stores will no longer carry parts or service it. 5.5 years old, and you can't even pay them to fix it.

The major difference? Most of us don't buy a new car every 2 years, and our phones are not permanently integrated into a car that will last far more than 6.

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