2014 Toyota Corolla: First Look


  • Competes with: Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra
  • Looks like: Every new compact sedan design was put into a blender and this is what poured out
  • Drivetrain: 132-hp or 140-hp four-cylinder; CVT, four-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmissions
  • Hits dealerships: This fall

The entire compact car landscape has been overhauled during the past few years with new models from nearly every automaker setting new benchmarks. That is except for Toyota and its best-selling Corolla.

Today that changes.

This is the 2014 Toyota Corolla, the company's 11th stab at designing the perfect, practical runabout.

2014 Toyota Corolla Photo Gallery

Everyone staring at this screen should be able to see that in the least, the 2014 model has an entirely new look.


Based on the Furia concept car that made the auto show circuit earlier this year, the production vehicle — shown in the sportiest S trim level above — is more modern in appearance than the 2013, although that wouldn't be hard to achieve. The look borrows design elements from Toyota's redesigned Avalon sedan and even the RAV4 compact crossover.

Under the hood is a revised version of the 2013's 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that comes standard with the base L, LE and S trim levels. A new LE Eco trim level features the same engine but with a new type of continuous valve timing to improve efficiency. The engines are rated at 132 horsepower and 140 hp respectively.

A continuously variable transmission will be offered in LE, S and LE Eco models to improve efficiency as well. The base L comes with a six-speed manual transmission or four-speed automatic. The six-speed manual also will be offered on the S. Likewise, all Corolla models besides the S will have rear drum brakes instead of discs.


Toyota is not releasing specific fuel economy numbers for any of the powertrains but does say it expects the LE Eco to achieve near 40 mpg highway ratings from the EPA. The 2013 Corolla is rated at 26/34/29 mpg city/highway/combined. That's far behind the Honda Civic at 28/39/32 mpg and Nissan Sentra at 30/39/34 mpg.

The Corolla's overall length has increased nearly 4 inches as has the wheelbase. Typically this should allow for more passenger volume inside. However, Toyota has not released interior measurements.


Regarding rear-seat room, the company only says that "additional legroom was gained by adopting a slim front seatback." That is a common trend in car design, but generally when we hear of a car's wheelbase growing this much we expect gains to interior dimensions due to that rather than seat design.

Likewise, there is no mention of front-seat room besides the fact that the front seats have .59 additional inches of travel back and forth. Again, that is an odd omission, and we'll be following up with Toyota to deliver full dimensions.


The interior design is updated as severely as the exterior with a flat, horizontal dashboard that reminds us of new Lexus models like the GS sedan. Everything else inside, from the door handles to the controls and shifter, looks completely new as well and should be competitive on a quality level with the field.


Standard equipment looks to also be competitive with the class. All 2014 Corollas will come equipped with standard LED low-beam headlights and LED running lights, making it one of the few cars on the market, compact or otherwise, to do so. Other standard features include body-color door handles and side mirrors, 60/40 fold-down rear seat, power windows with auto up/down for the driver, air conditioning, Bluetooth and eight airbags — up from the 2013's six.


A full breakdown on trim-level equipment wasn't released but Toyota lists the following as "available" in its press release: a smart key system for front doors and a trunk with push-button start, auto air conditioning, leather-trimmed tilt/telescopic three-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters and audio controls, a multi-information display, Bluetooth hands-free phone voice-command controls, SofTex-trimmed heated front seats and audio capability that offers navigation and Entune apps through the head unit.

Fifteen-inch steel wheels with wheel covers are standard on L and LE Eco models; 16-inch steel wheels with wheel covers are standard on LE and S models while 16- and 17-inch alloy wheels are available on LE, LE Eco and S trim levels.

We'll have first-hand impressions of the Corolla posted shortly along with a photo gallery when more photos become available.

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The back of the blue one looks decent. The front...umm...umm...I'm struggling.

Derrick G

"Every new compact sedan design was put into a blender and this is what poured out"

Nailed that one, for sure.


Big improvement. Should compete better with Civic.


So let's recap, no Auris style leather wrapped dash, adjustable rear seat headrests are optional, no arm rest in back no mater what trim and single zone automatic climate control even though Toyota could just steal some more parts from the Auris for dual zone... not to mention no led brake lights.

Sounds like a winner /sarcasm

Charlie Peters


Charlie Peters



PZEV = Partial Zero Emission Vehicle


It's a good redesign for an aging model but overall breaks no new ground. Not that Toyota is known for taking chances of late. Still, from a styling standpoint, the Corolla has now caught up with other Japanese and Korean brands. I'm still not sold on the corporate "chin" but it's an improvement overall.


anything would be an improvement over the old roller. Toyota needs to reinvent itself, this is a step in the right direction, but i wonder if they understand they have to make a BIG leap to really get over their meh problem.
also if new roller is 4 inches longer, what will fill the old roller slot? bigger ysris?


This looks really ugly. I'll take the old Corolla's bland styling over this any day. What were Toyota designers thinking?


The rear looks like it came directly from the 2012 Ford Focus. Not the sweetest rump to mimic, either.

Danny Ulster

I'm having a hard time looking past the terrible purple and green color. I think looking at the car in silver, black or even red would allow me to appreciate the redesign.


Longer, wider, heavier, and a little more interior space? I'm bored already.


This car simply does not look like Toyota. It screams Hyundai to me. And on the front, that Hyundai is fighting Mazda. It wouldn't be bad if we already didn't have this thing running on the road today. In the rear, I can see Honda, Audi and everything else that has a short curtain.


Not impressed...If Saturn were around, it would be the 2014 Ion.....ok, but not top tier.


I would pay more and get a higher quality Ford Focus or Dodge Dart. Toyota puts a few nice features into their cars but is going cheap on the main car components. A lot has changed - Dodge and Ford are producing the high quality cars, while a company like Toyota is focusing on cost cutting and selling only based on its name. Seems like roles have reversed since the 1970s 1980s.


you smoking something. Ford has quality issues as we speak. Dart is... oh well. Did you seat in it? And who tell you that combining two low quality companies (dodge and Fiat) will lead to production of high quality cars? Besides, Focus is so tight car. Mazda 3 is roooomy vs it. And Toyota just has reversed cheapening of their cars. And also, these new Toyotas ride better than predecessors. So, the company is actually in the right direction.


And I can see what Toyota tried to do here. They tried to make a modern look but keep high visibility. Honestly, if not for a little plain-looking side and Hyundaish front, this car is not looking bad. Lets see how it acts on the road. Although, having same 1.8L engine is not promising. Mazda3 2L is just such nice sounding, growling engine vs current hi pitched, noisy Corolla engine.


I really like the green color. I agree that this doesn't break any new grounds, but it does fulfill its function and role in providing good transportation with decent good looks. Let's face it, some cars are off putting and polarizing, whereas this sitting on your driveway wouldn't turn heads or offend/allure too many people. I do commend Toyota for catching up well though, and it'll be a good competition amongst its rivals; finally, no butt of a joke this Corolla.


If that's the best that Toyota can come up with, they need to go back to the drawing board now...
The back headrests are fixed!?
Even the old one is removable...


I wouldn't sweat the small stuff. If this car drives better than previous version, it is great already. But I have feeling that Toyota didn't invest anything into polishing clutch and manual shifter operation. You can drive car made of plastic. If it will give you pleasure of driving it you will not even notice.


"But I have FEELING that Toyota didn't invest anything into polishing clutch and manual shifter operation."

Feeling? Must be a liberal.


Power windows are standard? You simply cannot buy a Corolla with manual windows then?

I'm out.


Air Conditioning is standard? Even if I don't want it?

I'm double out.


At least it has normal speedometer and tachometer. Oh, Civic. And no motorcycle cylinders on the instrument panel. Oh, Mazda3.



It is the small details that matters.
If I have a car that hardly hauls people in the back, the headrest can go so that I get a better view.
Taking that option from me is a sin.


"I agree that this doesn't break any new grounds, but it does fulfill its function and role in providing good transportation with decent good looks."

"I wouldn't sweat the small stuff. If this car drives better than previous version, it is great already."


Looks like Toyota's nailed it again!! This one will sell like hot cakes just like the previous 20+ generations of the meh-mobile.

I'm not impressed. It's just another Toyota, nothing special.


Rear drum brakes on every model except the S? Aren't 4-wheel discs standard on almost every vehicle now? That's gotta hurt the braking distance.



I think that was a typo. I'm assuming they meant it the other way around.

Also, only 4 speed automatics? We are moving on to 8 speeds and Toyota hasn't even managed a 6 yet? I'm sure the 4 is very reliable, but at some point, if they want to compete on the MPG front they're going to have to embrace 1990s technology and move on to 6 speed autos!


That dashboard is really, really ugly. The previous version was much more composed, less like a lasagna of electronics.


Also, whatever happened to the door impact strips that came with Corollas up to 2007? I see them on far fewer models today than I once did. Do car companies today think they're immune to parking lot induced scratches?


this is well-beaten discussion. Number of gears doesn't even matter as long as it returns fuel efficiency. Remember, more gears-more weight. So, this is a fine balance. At the same time, you don't have to buy this 4AT car. Buy Hyundai with 6AT box and see where that will take you... Probably to the same MPGs

the door impact strips are now accessory. At least on my Highlander - they are



BTW, Toyota doesn't make transmissions, they buy them. They can buy anything they want. Corolla always was one of the most fuel efficient cars up there. I am sure, they wouldn't stick 4AT into it if return isn't good. It is probably not as good as CVT they introduce here. Still, you don't have to buy it if you don't like it - you got choices.


"Also, only 4 speed automatics? We are moving on to 8 speeds and Toyota hasn't even managed a 6 yet? I'm sure the 4 is very reliable, but at some point, if they want to compete on the MPG front they're going to have to embrace 1990s technology and move on to 6 speed autos!"

That's the problem here. I do believe the 4-speed is in there because it's cheaper. No VVT on the base, because it's cheaper. It's a tradeoff -- Honda is now having these ads that are like "we, include all this stuff standard", but the cars are like $10,000 higher than they could be without all that included. Toyota apparently has decided to go the other way (and boy have they, until I hopped in my Aunt's Matrix, I never saw a car with "Max A/C" just being a label painted on the dash with arrows pointing to the "A/C" and "recirc" buttons before, even though that's what it really does on almost any car.) Of course, getting "almost" 40MPG on the eco model is another matter entirely, and rather disappointing.

The car seems really futuristic and the features are according to the people's will and desire. I think every one will love the car for sure.


I liked the 2006-2013 body style. And my 2006 still gets great mileage (440 miles per tank). I'm ready to buy another car by Spring-2014, but I do not like the exterior of the new Corolla.


I have the new 2014 corolla. i absolutely love it.


I currently drive a 2006 corolla le and the stuff they are putting in as standard on the lowest model 2014 you could not even get unless you bought an Le and payed extra back in 2006. so yes they are very much adding to the car.
My wife likes chevy or any other gm made car, which really sucks when I am the one who has to fix it. seriously parts regularly fall off he car due to bad design. Call me a fan boy if you want but i want a car that is reliable and easy to maintain. I mean really if needed I can switch out body panels on a corolla on my own if i have an accident and i am not a really a mechanic. As for my wifes car I see why the shop wants over $400 just to switch out spark plugs it is the biggest pain in the rear.

As for cars having issues The last gm truck I owned literally burst into flames while traveling down the highway an it only had 105,000 on it.


I LOVE my new 2014 Corolla... Very comfy... Very smooth. Great on gas and it looks great in black!


I have a Toyota 2009 Corolla XLE and went to look at the new Toyota Corolla S and LE. I think the dark interior of the new S model is just plain ugly, also not that impressed with the dashboard design it just looks cheap. I will wait for the 2015 Model to see if they catch a wake up and improve the interior of the car


Purchased My 2014 S Plus In White. Test Drove Competitors Vehicles. I Preferred The Toyota. On My 356 Mile Trip With 70 Mile Plus On FreewaySand Through Mountains Averaged 35 Mpg. The Cvt Make Great Use Of Engines Power.

Jaidan L.

The best looking Corolla ever! The led headlights rock and now the Corolla looks like a baby Lexus! The interior on the 2014 Corolla makes a new Caddy look like crap! I personally will be in line, checkbook in hand, to purchase my new Corolla in that super cool mica blue. I just imagine myself behind the wheel rocketing down a desolate highway doing 120 with a 1000+ watt factory audio cranked playing nice hip hop:) I heard from some of my buddies that an option on 2014 Corolla's is a 16 inch trunk mounted sub woofer. Man, I hope this is an option. You can't have a cool looking car without major thump in the trunk. Toyota builds the BEST looking and the best of everything cars period. GM, Ford, Chrysler are all JUNK!!! And way ugly too!


My wife hates the low beam LEDs I am not sure why but says she cannot see! I thought that was the reason for Blue LEDs any Ideas on how to fix?

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