15 Myths About Car Insurance


Did you know driving a red sports car doesn't automatically translate to higher insurance rates, or avoiding tickets and accidents to lower rates? Did you know that only a comprehensive policy will cover your stolen car, or that thieves are less likely to swipe your new ride than your used one? There's no shortage of myths and misconceptions that could cost you if you have to make a claim, so we've compiled the 15 most common auto-insurance urban legends and debunked them. Follow the link below to learn more.

Car Insurance: Myths And Misconceptions

By Matt Schmitz | June 22, 2013 | Comments (2)
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Myth #2 you say that "full coverage" does not include rental and towing coverage. I want to expand upon this by saying that there is actually nothing officially known as "full coverage"... seeing how there are always some unforeseen incidents that won't be covered, full-coverage doesn't actually exist.


All I know is that when I insured my (then) 18-year old grand daughter on my policy, my premium doubled.

When later I added a second grand daughter (then age 16) my rates didn't go up nearly as much!

My insurance is with USAA.

The rates were astronomically high if these girls were insured on their parent's policies, but not nearly as high as if they were boys of that same age.

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