Will 'Fast and Furious' Accelerate Dodge Dart Sales?

The return of Michelle Rodriguez as the ostensibly back-from-the-dead Letty Ortiz in "Fast & Furious 6," roaring into theaters May 24, has been a key element in the film's prerelease marketing. Similarly, the resurrected-for-2013 Dodge Dart is ready for its close-up in the latest edition of the immensely popular Vin Diesel-fronted street-racing saga. But will the movie spark sales of the slow-selling compact?

While "Fast & Furious 6" is likely to be quick off the line on its way to box-office success — its predecessor, 2011's "Fast Five," bowed to a reported $86 million — early sales of the 2013 Dart have proved neither fast nor furious in its crowded segment. The automaker is no doubt hoping the Dart's prominence in both the film and a cross-marketing campaign will help raise its public profile, as similar product placement in "Fast Five" did for the Dodge Charger two years ago. A fleet of Chargers will return for some more screen time in the new film, along with the current SRT Challenger and a vintage Charger Daytona, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Watch the Dart advertisement/instructional video above to learn "How to Make Your Car Fast and Furious." Although the video doesn’t contain the standard disclaimer, we recommend you don't actually try this at home — leave it to pros like Diesel, Rodriguez and franchise-latecomer Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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"leave it to pros like Diesel, Rodriguez and franchise-latecomer Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson"

LOL... no stunt drivers used in the movie, huh? right.


In one word: no.


In another word(s) 'no way'. Dodge lost it's customer base with lousy cars like Omni, Caliber, Neon. Plus the competition offers far more reliable cars with a reputation for great gas mileage and strong resale value. Dodge will forever be known as a great rental car. Wait I take that back. I recently rented an Avenger...not well made at all..


3 lackluster engines + 3 lackluster transmissions, + 1 overweight vehicle = slow sales.


In a word: meh...


More advertising for a car that's not even available...

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