Tracking the Fuel Economy of's 2013 Honda Civic, 2013 Subaru BRZ

IMG_0059's long-term 2013 Honda Civic and 2013 Subaru BRZ have accumulated roughly 1,000 and 1,100 miles, respectively, since our previous update a month ago. Surprisingly, both are within 2.7 mpg of each other in overall observed gas mileage despite one being an enthusiast's sports coupe and the other a bean-counter's economy car.

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The Civic's highest tank average of 33.58 mpg is up from its previous best of 33.11 mpg and bumps the overall average up a few ticks to 28.53 mpg after 2,500 miles. Hold on: 28 mpg? The Civic has half the total miles of our BRZ; it joining the long-term test fleet a few months after the Subaru and has far fewer highway miles under its timing belt. Our Civic's overall average hovers right on top of its EPA-estimated 28 mpg city rating.

The Civic rotates among staffers just like the BRZ. The intention for both cars is to accumulate miles, though the Civic has yet to stretch its legs at highway speeds for very long with much of its use coming as a city commuter. The BRZ made a road trip from Chicago to Detroit right off the bat in January for its introduction at the 2013 Detroit auto show as's Best of 2013 winner along with the 2013 Scion FR-S. Apparently some of the staff enjoys self-inflicted pain, taking the stiff-riding BRZ on additional road trips, or maybe its fun factor is irresistible. In this update, the BRZ's best recorded tank average is set slightly higher at 30.8 mpg, up from 30.15 mpg.



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Editor's note: This story has been updated with a corrected chart for the Honda Civic's average mileage and total cost of fuel. 



$30K total fuel cost for the Civic? What a gas guzzler...LOL

Jon F Rowley

The BRZ would be closer to the Civic if it was the AT model.


I get 37.5 to 41 MPG with 60% HWY. I only have 700 miles on my month old 2013 Civic. So I expect to get better mileage once it breaks in.

These testers must be carrying passengers and luggage to get this low MPG.

As the post says most of our testers live and work in and around downtown Chicago. My 23 mile commute often takes 90 minutes. That seriously impacts mileage. Others live in the city and it is constant stop and go traffic to the office which would all point to mpg near the EPA city rating. Which is exactly where we're at. But we're already seeing the Civic start to tick upward as the weather is getting nicer and after a few road trips I think it will improve as well.



You forgot to mention that in the review above. But maybe it wasn't an oversight, it is obvious to me that you guys are intentionally sandbagging the Civic because you prefer the Subaru.

You are right about one thing, once you get the Civic on the open road, it'll blow the Subaru out of the water. I just went on a 40 mile romp through the mountains and got 53 MPG!!!!!!!! No, that is not a typo. The Civic may be boring to your guys but it is the best "bean counter" available on the market today. I am glad I purchased it.


I have a 2013 civic with 2700 miles, at the moment the average is about 30mpg, but the break in period makes a huge difference - if my calculations are right, on my last tank of gas I'm getting about 39mpg. Nothing special about my last few weeks driving, just my typical routine.


I have been averaging 18.5 mpg on my 2013 civic in split highway/city driving. It's a joke.

Hod Lisenbee

Have 2103 civic LX ...22,000 miles

Getting contsant 44 mpg on highway trips level ground

and 32 in the city driving..

excellent as far as I am concerned and have checked actual mileage by measuring actual mileage and gallaon at the pump..,not on board cpomputer.

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