Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: April 2013

Nissan and Ford led a strong month for the auto industry, with sales up 23.2% at Nissan and 17.9% at Ford thanks to big gains among both carmakers' strongest sellers. Nissan Altima sales gained 35.4% while Ford Escape sales spiked 52% — despite similar year-over-year incentives on both and lower dealership supply for the Escape.

It may seem bizarre that the Altima, then, isn't among the top 10 best-sellers. It's been there for ninth months straight, and in March it was the best-selling car (not truck) in America. But a year ago, sales were dismal — less than 17,000 in April 2012 — so even a healthy spike kept Nissan off April 2013's top 10.

The Toyota Camry and Honda Accord had higher-profile struggles. The Camry's sales drop could signal plateauing demand for Toyota's seventh-generation family sedan, whose year-over-year sales have declined for three straight months. The new Accord, meanwhile, is just 7 months old, and shoppers found significantly lower discounts versus the 2012 Accord a year ago. It's a factor that could affect Accord sales through autumn. Still, Ford didn't seem to have a problem with that. Anyone considering the new Fusion found a similar situation — lower discounts versus year-ago levels — but it didn't stop shoppers from flocking toward the popular sedan, whose sales boomed 23.7%.

The Hyundai Elantra snuck past Toyota's Corolla/Matrix for a spot in the top 10, where the compact car hasn't landed since June 2011. Hyundai pulled the coup with a coupe — the Elantra coupe, that is. The automaker told us earlier this year that 25% of Elantra sales come from the coupe and new Elantra GT hatchback. In April 2012, you could only buy the Elantra sedan or the prior-gen Elantra Touring wagon.

With the top seven automakers reporting their numbers, overall new-car sales gained 9.5% in April. Toyota, Honda and Hyundai-Kia fell below that mark. GM outpaced it, with overall sales up 11.4%. And despite less-than-stellar quarterly profits, Chrysler's U.S. sales also picked up — thanks to, well, pickups. Bolstered with a host of updates for 2013, the Ram 1500 and Heavy-Duty combined for a 48.7% sales increase despite lower incentives.

All full-size pickup trucks had a good month, fueled by a housing market that drives pickup sales like summer temperatures drive ice cream. It was a rocky road, so to speak, for new-home construction until 2012, but the recovery continues. Housing starts neared a five-year high in March, and full-size pickup sales gained 26.9% in April. The Detroit Three's best-sellers — the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado and Ram — led the way, combining for a 30.7% increase despite stable or lower incentives.

Such is how the discount wars, or lack thereof, continue. The auto industry has found pricing discipline not seen in years, as new-car discounts hold steady and transaction prices continue their upward march. The average new car in April sold for $32,507, up 2% ($632) from April 2012, according to CNW Marketing Research.

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Year over year? Isn't that apples and oranges with some of these since the models could be very different?

Wow, had no idea that the Ford F-Series was so popular...


Do not expec from Ford F-seris such good results.

Ditto, I didn't think the F-series would be top of the list so that's surprising.

To be honest I'm more surprised that the Honda Accord is still up there in the top three. It must be one of the longest established vehicles that's still doing really well, albeit in the reincarnation of the new model variant.

Kyle W

Lawrence, 4k, and Chris haven't been tuned into automobile news for the last 20 years.....


Be weary of Hyundai. They have falsely advertised their fuel mileage, 28 city 40 highway. Real world is average between 24 & 26 for all driving


They're not the only ones!

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