Study: Traffic Worst in Los Angeles


As you gradually slip into gridlock-induced madness this week during your daily commute, try to think of it this way: At least people have jobs to go to. According to INRIX, an international provider of traffic information and driver services, spiking traffic congestion following two years of decline is attributable to a U.S. economy on the mend. The most bountiful beneficiary of this recovery is Los Angeles, where drivers waste the greatest proportion of their lives staring at someone else's brake lights.

INRIX's Traffic Scorecard Annual Report shows that in the first three months of 2013, congestion was up 4% compared with 2012, when it dipped 22%. Traffic was up in 61 of the nation's 100 most-populated cities, while seven of 2012's cities with the worst traffic experienced greater congestion (led by Boston with a 30% spike). Those increases accompanied a 1.3% rise in U.S. employment, the report stated.

"By analyzing traffic in the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas in 2012, INRIX revealed that drivers wasted an average of 42 hours in America's Top 10 Worst Traffic Cities — the equivalent to one week of vacation," INRIX said in a statement.

Los Angeles' dubious honor of having the crummiest commute was thanks in part to the area gaining 90,000 jobs in February for a growth rate of 2.3%, the fastest year-over-year growth since the nation's recession began about six years ago. L.A. supplanted Honolulu, which had held the title since 2011. The L.A. area lays claim to five of the 10 most congested roads, followed by New York with four and Chicago with one.

INRIX's current Top 10 Worst Cities for Traffic in America in 2012 were:

10. Boston
9. Washington, D.C.
8. Seattle
7. San Jose, Calif.
6. Bridgeport, Conn.
5. New York
4. Austin, Texas
3. San Francisco
2. Honolulu
1. Los Angeles

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Haha...I'm in haiti and the traffic here is unbelievably nothing I've ever seen.


Houston has a reputation for the worst traffic in Texas. But one day I was watching the Rice University football coach on TV talking about a football game they had just played against Arkansas. He said if you think traffic in Houston is bad, you should see the traffic in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a football Saturday.

Paul Peterson

Wow. Having recently moved to Chicago 'burbs, I thought Chicago would have to rank in the top 3 or 4. I can only imagine then what the real top 3 or 4 are like.


I am so disappointed Miami, Fl did not make the top 10


LA top the list...
In other news, water is wet...
Really, who paid these fellows to do these kind of studies...


Houston has horrible traffic and so does DC. So, I can't imagine what it's like in the top 5.


Having driven in all of these cities both during and not during rush hour, I have to assume they are including typical distance traveled as well. In Boston and Seattle, traffic moves much slower than LA and Austin (for example), but the distances are typically shorter, so you lose fewer hours due to traffic.

Two different ways to measure "traffic". Wish there was more transparency in methods on these things.


I'm surprised Atlanta didn't make this list


I cannot understand how a metropolitan area of 13+ million (LA) can have such a congestion problem, mostly consisting of cars. Surely there is a way to improve public transportation and allow for smarter urban planning, or at least modify it accordingly.


Yikes! It doesn't bother me at all. I always take the express bus and subway. I read books while on it. Traffic jams are entertaining. Perhaps, it's gonna be the way of the future.

Anonymous Coward

DC and Miami are awful, too.

I was in Austin recently and was shocked at the amount of gridlock especially considering it has under 1,000,000 population. I do not think they employ any traffic engineers.


The automobile manufacturers advertise driving as a fun experience in all of their deceptive advertising. I just wish for once we could see a commercial for a car stuck in traffic with a disheveled driver slowly loosing his/her mind.

WC Productions Starts Pre-Production on New, Web-Series -- Commuters

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