Reviews the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Although reviewer Kelsey Mays grudgingly admits the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle is cute, he cautions shoppers that its beauty is only skin deep. Its good looks can't make up for the convertible model's sloppy handling, clumsy ride and severely limited visibility — just to name a few issues.

2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Review



We purchased our 2013 Beetle convertible May 1st 2013 , has the 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine and the 6 speed automatic , drive train is good , now has 2300 miles,from day one the arm rest was difficult to adjust was replaced this week, same problem, door panel on drivers side replaced, had rattle, also windshield top seal replaced,gap at top to frame is 1/2 inch on drivers side and 1/4 on passenger side,( will leak) can see drivers side windshield post is welded 1/4 inch higher than passenger side, major repair needed to have top seal correctly to windshield top frame , have requested VW to buy it back, will never buy another VW ( had our 2012 turbo beetle bought back , as many others were , had more issues than this 2013, poor quality from Mexico!


update on my above comment, have 3 body shops that all state this vehicle can not be repaired due to windshield header is miss-aligned with pillar posts(welded in place) causing the convertible top to latch uneven has warped the top frame, this a factory error and may be the only one like it, claim was denied, waiting on appeal

patricia higginson

I purchased a 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Turbo in Feb. 2013. I was thrilled with my new red convertible. I loved it. Wherever I went, people would stop me and ask about the car as its sharp looks drew attention. I hope they don't stop me now (if I ever get my car back), as I will be forced to tell them what a nightmare it has now become to own this car.

As of today the following has been replaced on my vehicle that only has 9,400 miles on it.

1) bolts in both drivers and passenger side doors, MISSING. Bolts installed

2) oxygen sensor had to be replaced

3) body control module had to be replaced

4) kesse module had to be replaced


It is now Feb. 2014. My 2013 Beetle is in the shop AGAIN! It has been in the shop on and off since early January with the latest stint being 15 days and counting. As of this morning, the service department, the Engineers in Michigan, my Regional Customer Representative, and someone from the Leadership Team ALL cannot tell me

a) what is wrong with the car

b) what the next step will be to fix it

c) when I may get my car back

d) that they plan any reciprocity whatsoever on my behalf

In early January, the car was coming up due for its 10,000 mile service. Before we had the chance to make that appointment, the engine light in the car suddenly came on. When we brought the car into service (Port Charlotte Honda/Volkswagen Port Charlotte Florida), they serviced it, said the light was off now and maybe it was the oxygen sensor but since the engine light was no longer on they just let it go as is.

Half way home from that service call, the engine light came on again. We phoned, and the service dept told us to drive back up there and bring the car in so they could determine what kind of oxygen sensor to order. Then they ordered the oxygen sensor and about a week later phoned us to bring the car in to have the sensor replaced. They said it would take 1-2 hours.

3 hours later as we waited for the car, they came and said it was done. Handed us the keys, we went out to start our car, pushed the button and the car would NOT start however the windows started randomly going up and down and the doors were randomly locking and unlocking by themselves.

The service lady called a technician out, they had no idea what was happening and seemed very nonchalant about it also. I asked them how they were going to fix this, I was told "we have no idea". So I told them no WAY was I taking the car home like this so they got me a rental car.

A few days later they phoned and told me the Body Control Module needed replacing and this had NOTHING to do with the original reason I brought the car in, and how LUCKY I was that the car "happened" to be in service when this part failed. (do I look stupid?)

They ordered the part, replaced it and told me to come pick up my car which I did. Got the car home and by the next morning, I couldn't open the trunk, the touch sensor for unlocking the doors didn't work, and my other key fob didn't work at all. I phoned and was told to bring the car back in.

Brought the car back in, service person told me they KNEW the other fob wouldn't work, they weren't surprised as it had to be programmed (no one TOLD me to bring the other key ever!). So they gave me a loner car, and began work on the car. I told them they REALLY needed to QA this car this time before they returned it to me as it is a long trip and I have been to the dealer way too many times already in the past week. They kept the car overnight, reprogrammed the key fobs and said the reason the car wasn't working was that they didn't have the second key fob so the programming didn't totally complete. I was assured the car worked fine now so I picked it up.

The next day, I went to dinner. After leaving the restaurant, I couldn't open the driver door with my key fob in my pocket. Touch sensor wouldn't work. Couldn't open the trunk at all with key fob in my pocket. If I basically LAID on top of the car with the key fob out of my pocket then MOST times I could get the trunk and doors to work. At this point I was LIVID.

Took the car back to the dealer, now I am dealing with the service manager. Told him this was completely unacceptable and that although I loved the car, I was losing confidence it. Told them I believed since they couldn't fix my car I should get a new one. He said no. I said that then I should at least be given an extended warranty, he brought me to the sales manager who said and I quote "that is NEVER going to happen." He also said that the dealership was not responsible for the product the manufacturer was, the dealership was only there to facilitate movement of the product. THIS TOLD ME ALOT ABOUT THE VOLKSWAGEN PHILOSOPHY.

Service took my car again on January 29th. I also phoned customer care and registered a formal complaint Regional rep phoned me back and assured me she would stay on top of the situation to get this rectified. I asked her for an extended warranty, and she was not receptive to granting me this (why won't VW stand behind their product I wonder?)

A few days later, I was called by service and told that they had the Engineers involved and that after reading the data the car needed the Kesse Module replaced. This was on Thursday jan 30th. They indicated the part would be in and replaced and I could pick up my car by Tuesday Feb. 4th.

On Tuesday Feb. 4th at 2pm I still heard NOTHING from dealer or Regional rep so I called to find out when I could pick up my car. I was told that the Kesse replacement didn't work, the car was still not working and they had no idea what to do next. I said no. I also told him I wanted a new car as I am making payments now on a car that I don't have, and that no one seems to have the competency to be able to fix. He said he didn't blame me and I should tell rep that.

I phoned Rep at 2:07pm. Told the person I was a VERY upset customer and I told her why. She said she'd have rep call me back. At 3:30 I STILL hadn't heard from rep and phoned AGAIN. Again told she was busy but would "probably" phone me back by close of business (6pm). rep did call at 5:30 and I asked her WHY I did not hear from her about the failure to fix my car, and she said she hadn't had an update from the dealer (false, the dealer told me she had), and that she was doing "research", and that now "maybe" since this latest fix wouldn't work "maybe" they'd make a car payment or "maybe" they'd give us the extended warranty. I said NO I now want a new car. rep indicated that even though she could make that decision, it wasn't going to happen because they had to find out first what was wrong with my car, but they had no idea how or when they were going to do that!

I asked her when my car would be fixed - "I don't know".

I asked her how long I would be without my car - "I don't know"

I asked her what the next step was - "I don't know"

I asked her how she could possibly think I would be happy about this she said 'I don't expect this to make you happy"


I asked to speak to her boss and was given someone from the leadership team. She basically reiterated the same things I was told by rep. Now, sadly I don't want a new car, I have lost confidence in Volkswagen, and I want a full refund for my car that I loved when I drove off the showroom floor and now absolutely HATE because of the treatment afforded me by Volkswagen.

It is now February 10th... I have no car. Now they are going to try ordering new key fobs for it, they should be in by Tuesday the 11th, they said. But really they are grabbing at straws. I have no indication of what is wrong with my car. I have no indication of what will be done to fix my car. I have no indication of when I might get my car back. I have no promise of an extended warranty, car payments being made, or a replacement car being given to me. I have NOTHING but car payments, insurance payments but NO CAR.


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