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The 2013 Toyota Sienna succeeds in some meat-and-potatoes-minivan areas: It's spacious, comfortable and has seating for up to eight passengers. Its standard 3.5-liter V-6 will get you up to speed quickly when you're running late for your soccer-practice pickup. However, reviewer Jennifer Geiger says some subpar cabin materials, tricky-to-access rear rows and a noisy powertrain give up ground to competitors. That's especially true if you're spending more than $47,000 to load up on options, like Geiger's test model. Your dollar will stretch further elsewhere.

2013 Toyota Sienna Review



Move over Sienna. The new Town and Country "S" is ready to kick butt.


I generally agree that the fit-and-finish is quite disappointing, especially coming from a minivan that can go above $45k.

One item I would disagree on: The 3rd row is actually pretty easy to fold down to be flush with the floor. Folding does not require that you fold the seatback first. My 5'4" wife can easily fold down the 3rd row by pulling on the seatback handle only, which unlocks and pulls back the entire seat in one move.

Our '11 Sienna Ltd AWD serves as a "workhorse" pretty well. It does have little problems, such as the check engine light coming on at random times and going away by itself. of course it does not stay on long enough for when I take to have it get checked out. This van has added one more huge reason for me to avoid Toyota -- typical uninspired driving dynamics coupled with shoddy workmanship and poor build quality.


One more thing -- for such a "mommy-mobile," it sure is not very family friendly when it comes to LATCH anchors. I found out that, probably as another way to cheat the consumer by skimping on content, the previous-gen Sienna had 3 sets of LATCH anchors in the 3rd row, but now has only 2 sets. At least that's the case with the '11. I also do not care for the captains chairs-only second row. It seems that the minivan makers have such an insecurity that they are eroding away at the practicality of the minivan by making it more like an SUV. I'd go buy an actual SUV/crossover if I was so insecure that I'd sacrifice roominess and practicality for external appearance.


We leased a 2012 Sienna LE V6 about a year ago. The interior is very cheap, and there are rattles everywhere. At 12,000 miles it is already shaking itself apart. Our 3 year old Hondas feel newer than this shoddily assembled, overrated tin can.


After the Honda Odyssey got all fuglified 2011 we decided to take a look at the Sienna as a possible alternative. We were turned off by the poor interior quality.

Still looking for a decent minivan...


Actually the engine light comes on is because the gas cap does not close tightly in between gas filling. That is very simple to fix and have nothing to do with the car. AS for quality and workmanship this is the best minivan uptodate with looks and sexy appeal. The Town and Country sucks at its styling and dynamics. Its does not have any appeal to me at all other than its mass rectangular shape and all those gammits such as seats that turn around and face rearward. Such a bad design in engineering that has no practical value or safety feature. A very bad example of bad engineering and lacks of foresight!!!


"Actually the engine light comes on is because the gas cap does not close tightly in between gas filling." You mean ONE OF THE reasons that the CEL light comes on is a improperly tightened gas cap. I didn't bother with the details, but our CEL light was regarding checking the VSC system. I have some basic automotive knowledge and I always check the gas cap first with a CEL light.

The '11 Sienna definitely has some first-model-year bugs. Hopefully they improved the quality by the '13 MY and has worked out some of these bugs!!!

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